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Consulting and communications agency

Strategic consulting

Strategic consulting, Image and Opinion audits, change management and training. More info >

Corporate communication

Developing and maintaining your notoriety, establishing your position, enhancing imagination. Branding, Content strategy, global and corporate Communication, public relations.. More info >

Opinions communication

Influencing and managing opinions,developing reputation. Public relations, Influence, Press relations (corporate or marketing), e-reputation, events.. More info >

Digital Communication

Digital Image: websites, applications and on-line campaigns...
Digital Opinions: monitoring, contents, network and community management... More info >

Image et Opinions

How can you build and protect your Image without taking Opinions into account? How can you manage Opinions without considering your Image? Because the surge of digital radically transforms communication towards audiences that have become more informed, more demanding and more mature, our approach aims to be unique and innovative. Based on the interactions between image and opinions, our approach is to create preference and confidence through the control of relations between the brand and its public.

Corporate communication, global communication, public relations, press relations​, digital communication, e-reputation… Wellcom offers an expertise both complementary and integrated so as to assist successfully the challenges of companies and institutions.

Our consulting agency in communication, based in Paris, member of PROI (the first international network for independent agencies), comprises Image and opinion communication in France and abroad.