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Research into Values

Values Indicator in 2003: survey of over 200 leading French companies examines the values they conveyed.

Values Indicator in 2004: the second edition of the study offers a broad overview of how French companies display and use – or don’t use – values. More complete than the previous edition: 609 firms surveyed in 2004 against 208 in 2003.

International Corporate Values Index 2006 and 2009: These 2 cross border studies reveal the face of corporate values, above and beyond local specificities (12 countries in 2006, 11 in 2009).


  • Identify the values used by companies to identify (or define) their system of values,
  • Better understand the nature of values in business and provide an analysis,
  • Provide an approach and methods to support businesses based on best practices. Show how communication can be based on fundamentals.

Marketing Brand Values Index 2011:
Study (in progress) which follows the work of Wellcom on corporate values, since 2003.
This innovative study aims to identify, study and analysis, beyond the corporate values, values of selected consumer brands.
Wellcom accompanied by a marketing experts group, set up this first innovative survey.
The first marketing brand index values will contribute to a better understanding of the concept and nature of values in the construction of a brand. It will also show the most frequently selected values by the management and marketing managers, upstream and in the development of their mix-marketing. The results of the study will establish comparative benchmarks and analysis/trends by sector.

Wellcom/Via Voice Study “Media relations / companies in the technology sector”: this study highlights ways of optimising relationships between journalists and public relations people in companies and agencies enterprises and agencies. It enables:

  • A diagnosis of relations between journalists and agencies,
  • Better identification of the needs and constraints of journalists,
  • Identification of expected solutions.

Wellcom workshops

2007 – Business to Business: How to turn communication into a driver for growth? Discussion workshops conducted in October-December 2007 on: growth, workforce motivation, global competition, corporate responsibility, coherence when faced with challenges, effectiveness of methods of communications depending on the objectives.


  • How to turn communication into a driver of growth?
  • Change of name, change brands: transforming the risk into opportunity.
  • How to make communication an act of management?
  • Corporate values: passing fad or sustainable resource?