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Our know-how

Since 1981, our consultants and co-workers have undertaken the whole communication consultancy of image and opinions, with the vocation to contribute our clients’ visibility and performance and reach their goal.

Communication consultancy, speech structuring, values formalization, corporate and global communication strategy, Public relations, media relations, digital communication… Wellcom provides its clients a high-level consultancy and assistance in their success.



Strategic consulting
and change management process

Strategic consulting, Image and Opinion audits, change management, training… are some services Wellcom proposes for push for change in your company or organisation. Services that allow to make the positioning evolving, and to ensure consistency between messages to meet the challenges of both strategic and operational issues.

Image Communication

Corporate and/or global communication, image audit, brand platform, branding and visual identity, content strategy, off-line and on-line advertising campaigns, operational Communication, business editing, multimedia … Wellcom provides a full/complete range of expertise and services with the particularity of de viser la forte cohérence of corporate and marketing messages.

Opinion Communication

Public relations, event creation, media or press relations, on-line relations, influence communication, public affairs, crisis communication, e-reputation management, monitoring, community management, public speaking training and media-training… A high-level public relations service which meets all the needs of media coverage and public opinion management at the institutional and marketing levels. Today, Wellcom is recognized in this field as one of the very first French PR agencies and the first independent.

Digital Communication

Since 1995, Wellcom has been the first agency to get involved and develop its expertise in the digital area. This leadership moves the agency to want to always be up to date on technological innovations whilst considering it more as tools and resources to be exploited rather than as an end in itself. Development of websites using the most recent proven technologies such as the responsive design, high-level referencing, display campaigns on the on-line media and social networks, buzz marketing, e-reputation management, reactive monitoring, community management, Wellcom takes advantage of the multiple communication opportunities offered by the new media.