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Corporate & Global communication

In this field, we have a well-established reputation in many B2B, B2C and public service markets.

From an innovative approach based on corporate values, Wellcom brings advice from a specific know-how combining corporate and marketing communication in order to develop a strong, coherent and sustainable image.

Corporate and/or global communication, image audit, brand platform, branding and visual identity, contents strategy, off-line or on-line advertising campaigns, operational communication, edition of corporate brochures, magazines and newspapers, multi-media presentation…

Wellcom has a recognized competence in many various business sectors, in Business to Business and in Business to Consumer as well as in the Public and Institutional sectors.



  • Image audit and positioning
  • Brand identity
  • Messaging platform
  • Identification and implementation of corporate values
  • Change management and influencer communications
  • Crisis communications, proactive monitoring, e-reputation
  • Training of managers

Corporate identity

  • agropolis
  • alcyon
  • european aluminium
  • galian
  • présence verte
  • quarkslab


Branding, logos, copywriting standards, graphic standards, editorial guidelines, etc.


  • calderys
  • Edition pour PCM
  • Edition pour Prosodie
  • Edition pour Rougier

Brochures, annual reports, corporate magazines and newsletters, Web sites, presentations and emails.

Public and press relations

  • Relations presse pour LeMonde.fr - Wellcom
  • Relations presse pour AOL - Wellcom
  • Relations presse pour Costa Croisières - Wellcom
  • Relations presse pour iDTGV - Wellcom

We provide high quality press and public relations to meet your needs in terms of media coverage. Services include TV and radio, online communications, events and communication training (Wellcom Institute).

Integrated communication

  • Plan de communication globale pour ASNAV
  • Plan de communication globale pour CARGLASS
  • Plan de communication globale pour QUALIBAT
  • Plan de communication globale pour TAJ
  • Plan de communication globale pour Wendel

In addition to corporate communications, we have the skills required to develop integrated communication plans, including advertising (online and offline media strategy), editorial communications, marcom (sales support, promotion, traffic generation and loyalty programs), and, of course, public relations. Our approach covers all aspects of your communications needs.
The agency has a special talent for developing advertising baselines, which was featured in an industry reference book: 15 ans de signatures publicitaires (éditions Dunod).

Digital communication

  • NetMarketing by Wellcom
  • NetMarketing by Wellcom pour Coca-Cola
  • NetMarketing by Wellcom pour Taj
  • NetMarketing by Wellcom pour Veka
  • NetInfluence by Wellcom
  • NetInfluence by Wellcom pour Costa
  • NetInfluence by Wellcom pour Photobox

Raise brand awareness, drive website traffic, promote a product, create buzz, defend an image or reputation. Since 1995, Wellcom Digital has been developing online strategies that leverage our four complementary offers: Netmaketing® (image), Netinfluence® (opinions), Net identity® (Web design) and Net Linking® (ranking and SEO).