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Digital communication

4 vectors for digital communication
Our development teams keep constant, close watch and are regularly trained so as to be at the cutting edge of digital methods of production. Responsive, HTML5, etc. are integrated and fully mastered in our production flows. Content and on-line presence strategies, digital ecosystems, referencing, display campaigns, buzz marketing, monitoring, e-reputation management, community management, Wellcom takes advantage of the multiple communication opportunities offered by on-line media and social networks.

Influence opinions

  • NetInfluence by Wellcom
  • War Room Wellcom
  • NetInfluence by Wellcom pour Costa
  • NetInfluence by Wellcom pour Photobox

Manage the reputation of a brand and create the commitment of and with the audiences, working on communities, blogs and social media. Key indicator: the level of commitment. Online watch (Welltrack®), creative and interactive communication among influencers, community management, and use of social networking tools (Facebook, Twitter, blogs, forums, wikis, online newsrooms, etc.).

Strategy and means to create and optimize the digital presence on social media targeting visibility, image, animation of audiences, conquests or loyalty. Key: all indicators of visibility and ROI (see the guide « Social Media » published by the agency with the support of the Ecco network).


Generate traffic to the website of the brand in particular by increasing the volume of incoming links through actions (SEO) and actions on Social Media (SMO). Key indicator: the page rank.

Work on image

  • Netidentity - Agir sur l'image
  • Netidentity pour ACR
  • Netidentity pour Advyso
  • Netidentity pour Agropolis
  • Netidentity pour PCM
  • Netidentity pour Moon

Means and strategies to create an interactive experience and build a sustainable relationship with the publics influencing the brand content. Key indicator: the time spent with the brand or relationship.