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Strategic consulting
and change management process

Strategic consulting

  • Brand platform
  • Origami® communication platform
  • Image + Opinions audit
  • Image + Opinions strategy
  • Messaging platform
  • Crisis communication

Change management process

  • Upstream implementation of surveys
  • Strategical processes for change management
  • Values® approach
  • Management of pilots and operational teams
  • Managers and teams training


Quant or qual, Wellcom Institut conducts and undertakes for its clients all kinds of surveys, including image and opinion, internal or external and ad hoc surveys. Regardless of surveys, several initiatives were implemented by Wellcom in the field of values:

  • International Index of Corporate Values (2003 to 2013)
  • Marketing Brand Values Index
  • Media relations

Training courses

With their unique approach, Wellcom Institut’s courses offer much more than just a training course: they provide an experimental, inspiring and strategic communication experience.
Wellcom Institut offers:

  • Training dedicated to business managers, communicators, marketing executives and human resources managers,
  • High-level training, after which each participant has a clear understanding of concepts and gained practical experience,
  • short trainings, from half a day to two days at the most,
  • Training performed by professionals.