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Wellcom: expertise in the field of finance

Banking and insurance require a combination of experience, expertise and know-how. Wellcom’s « finance » department has been active in this area for a number of years, with consulting services and practical schemes that also meet the prevailing standards of rigour.

In addition, the agency is active in the area of financial solidarity.

flecheHere, our references in the field of finance
flecheCase studies


A media surge

Empruntis provides on-line credit for property transactions, complementary health care schemes, residential insurance and repurchase agreements.

How to build a media profile of Empruntis as a leading player in the audiovisual media?


To develop Empruntis’ reputation and image through its presence in: :

  • the audiovisual media
  • the non-specialist print media


  • At a time when numerous players are vying for opportunities to express themselves, the aim is that of differentiated content, with 3 characteristics: effectiveness, simplicity, transparency
  • Regular appearances by Maël Bernier, not necessarily related to current events
  • Proactive, informative referencing of Empruntis and its representatives


2013-2014 in figures:

  • > 50 TV and radio interviews
  • > 200 quality audiovisual citations
  • A large rise in Empruntis’ visibility in popular media
  • The creation of an « Empruntis reflex » among journalists

Putting solidarity into finance

The Finansol association was set up in 1995 to promote solidarity in the finance and savings sector. Through awareness-raising actions and methods of communication, it seeks to give people a role in useful, equitable, reasoned finance. Since 2011, Wellcom has been working with Finansol on press relations and digital development.

How to promote the democratisation of financial solidarity among opinion leaders and the wider public?


Digital and PR objectives:

  • To work with and assist Finansol in annual events such as its financial solidarity week
  • To give the association and its representatives a presence in influential media, and hopefully to generate positive reactions among the public
  • To make Finansol an essential reference, and to reinforce its reputation
  • To place Finansol at the heart of debates taking place on social networks, and activities that engage with the public


  • An informative approach, particularly in the non-specialist press, informed by a study on financial solidarity
  • The adoption of a discourse that is:
    • high in information, with media-friendly statistics such as the €6.02 bn of loans made in 2013
    • illustrative, with striking, memorable data
  • « Tailor-made » approaches to the conquest of new media with large audiences
  • Diversification of content on social networks, and an emphasis on human values
  • Sponsored publications and live tweets on key events, with competitive games to stimulate loyalty and gratitude


  • Almost 700 citations, and 45 meetings with journalists, in 2014
  • 700 new fans on Facebook, and 1,600 new followers on Twitter
Crédit Coopératif

Publicising a bank's involvement in the economics of solidarity

The Crédit Coopératif is committed to solidarity, with high surplus value, in the social economy. Being a cooperative bank, it puts its expertise at the service of economic responsibility with regard to people and the environment.
The Crédit Coopératif places human and ecological values above those of capital.

How can a bank be both discreet and well known?


Conseil : Consultancy: raising the Crédit Coopératif’s profile, and developing its media presence, through communication based on evidence, results and proximity


  • Referencing the Crédit Coopératif in relation to the social economy and solidarity
  • Establishing the Crédit Coopératif as an expert in its field
  • Publicising events in the life of the bank, and how they illustrate its range of competence


  • A constant increase in the number of citations generated by the agency since 2009
  • Bringing the bank to the attention of the popular press
  • Dedicated, qualitative citations that demonstrate the bank’s particular skills

A new name, and a new terrain, for a renewal of legitimacy

Already a major provider of financial guarantees for property companies, CGAIM decided to change its name and reassert its vitality.

How to dynamise and modernise Galian’s image, and dissolve its link with the FNAIM?



  • To respond to growing development ambitions, notably in the area of professional insurance
  • To establish market legitimacy, and gain recognition as a partner of choice


  • To get beyond regulatory constraints, and the persistence of the link with the FNAIM
    • To make the new brand a genuine choice on the part of clients, and to point out the competitive advantage of Service++
  • To reconstruct the fundamentals, and give the brand a voice
    • A concept to orientate communication
  • A communicational territory, with 2 central features: a new name, and recognition as an actor of choice
    • Internal and external elucidation and reassurance, along with an injection of dynamism


  • Widespread approval for the new logo, among colleagues and clients equally
  • A modern, dynamic graphics charter
  • Strong positioning as a « facilitator »
  • A signature that will explain and reassure: « Property with the assurance of insurance »
concept de communication positionnantAsseoir sa légitimité sur le marchécharte graphique moderne et dynamique