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Wellcom: expertise in the field of health care

Communication with regard to health care requires the kind of specialised knowledge that Wellcom has demonstrated over the years. Laboratories, doctor’s associations and foundations appreciate its consulting and practical experience, which takes account of their members’ diversified needs.

flecheHere, our references in the field of health care
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If you can't see properly, watch out!

The Association nationale pour l’amélioration de la Vue (AsnaV), founded in 1954, brings together all those who, in France, are concerned with visual health: ophthalmologists, opticians and manufacturers of lenses, contact lenses and frames.

How can the French be alerted to the risks of defective vision?


Objective: To warn people about the dangers of poor sight


  • To use the 10th World Sight Day as an opportunity for insisting on the need to consult an ophthalmologist regularly.


  • An information pack for opinion-formers, with 2 products that can easily be confused, though in fact one is harmless and the other dangerous
  • A participatory Web site, hard-hitting messages (« The danger’s everywhere »), a game-competition, presence on social networks, etc.


  • A large number of media hits
  • More than 100 qualitative press citations
  • 14,000 visits to the Web site, www.quandonnevoitpasnet.net
  • 4.5 million Facebook users (some 9,500 Facebook sharings, and 556 fans)
Harmonie Mutuelle

Regaining media leadership

In 2008, Wellcom began working with Harmonie Mutualité, which in 2009 became Harmonie Mutuelles, then, in 2013, Harmonie Mutuelle. On 1 January 2013, with the merger of Prévadiès, Harmonie Mutualité, Mutuelle Existence, Santévie and Sphéria Val, Harmonie Mutuelle became France’s No. 1 complementary health care insurance company.

How can an actor in the health care sector establish and reinforce its market leadership?




  • To ensure that Harmonie Mutuelle is recognised as a central player in the world of complementary health care insurance
  • To highlight the company’s proximity with its members in every area where it is present


  • The dissemination of strong messages on the national level
  • The development of prevention and sponsorship
  • The coordination of regional and national communication
  • Two cross-referenced studies: elderly people; business & health


Since 2008, there has been a surge in the media presence of the Harmonie group. In 2014, Wellcom generated 1,489 citations:

  • 95 press initiatives in a year: 60 regional, 35 national
  • 167 interviews: 104 regional, 63 national
  • 180 media citations for the 2 cross-referenced studies
  • an audience of more than 1.9 million
Laboratoires Lehning

Relaunching and positioning an historic brand

Laboratoires Lehning produces homeopathic, phytotherapeutic and phytocosmetics products. The company is also investing in the health care of the future, with constant research.

How to establish the brand, and its products, through a focus on its involvement in R&D?


Objective: to legitimise and reinforce the image of a pharmaceutical company that is uncompromisingly orientated towards natural medicine for health workers and the general public


  • To give the brand and its positioning a clear definition: « Ethics and health – naturally ».
  • To express this positioning in a new baseline, « Your health, your nature », as set out in a discourse charter.
  • A new logo and graphic identity
  • New types of packaging
  • To implement internal change, for a better comprehension of markets and messages
  • events that bring together the different protagonists
  • An advertising campaign based on a concept of « responsibility »:
  • « I look after my health », with an invitation to do so in a natural way


  • A 35% increase in uptake among pharmacists
  • A 40% increase in brand recognition after just a year