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Wellcom: expertise in the field of industry

For many years, industry has been making its communicational activity more professional, going from « products » to « solutions », with consistency as the key to success.
Wellcom provides consulting and communication services for mid-sized companies, and, more specifically, for the major players in terms of brand names and image, internal and external communication, and public relations.

For many years, the agency has worked closely with expanding businesses and market leaders.

flecheHere, our references in the field of industry
flecheCase studies

Air Liquide

An innovative reworking of a brand territory

Air Liquide is a world leader in gas, technology and health services. But its Division des Technologies du Futur (DTF), which coordinates its R&D activities, has struggled to make its presence felt, both in internal and external terms.

With its diverse, geographically dispersed structure, how is Air Liquide’s innovative character to be expressed?



  • To give the corporate structure greater clarity
  • To recapture DTF’s pioneering dimension
  • To rethink its products

Measures: Using its Origami System®, Wellcom has guided Air Liquide through a 4-stage process:

  1. Diagnostics
  2. Reporting back, and analysis
  3. Naming and brand architecture
  4. Content (discourse charter, PowerPoint presentation, key messages)


  • A new name (formerly « L’Air Liquide »)
  • A new architecture
  • New content
European Aluminium

Involving European industrial players in a new project

The EAA is a professional association that represents the aluminium industry in Europe, from extraction to recycling, via product ranges.

How to show the importance of the European aluminium industry for the future?


The issue:
There is a paradox at the heart of the European aluminium industry: consumption is increasing, but production is declining. It is urgent to promote the industry’s importance for the future.
A qualitative and quantitative overview, and a redefinition of the communication platform using Wellcom’s Origami System®, with:

  • A change of name, to « European Aluminium »
  • A new visual identity, discourse charter and communications approach
  • A model that promotes innovative environmental proposals concerning aluminium as a material that can facilitate green reindustrialisation in Europe


  • An editorial line featuring the « aluminium effect », represented by facts and figures that can dispel prejudices about aluminium
  • A highly modern – and occasionally futuristic – graphic universe
  • A rebranding that will give European institutions an awareness of aluminium’s industrial and environmental potential, compared to that of other materials

Bringing 3 companies together in a drive for world leadership

As one of the world’s major manufacturers of volumetric pumps and sophisticated equipment for fluid management, PCM is present in the fields of agribusiness, oil, chemicals, the environment, mechanical engineering, energy, etc.

How is PCM’s leading international position to be guided towards synergetic development?



  • To restore the brand’s leading identity in a context of strong international expansion
  • To help the company develop its different market segments: food, industry and energy
  • To focus PCM’s subsidiaries and distributors on a new business project


  • Stage 1: to develop PCM’s brand image, modernisation: « Keep it moving »
  • Stage 2: to structure commercial communication – clarification
  • Stage 3: to raise PCM’s profile on the international scene – recognisability

Measures: 2005-2012, strategic and operational consultancy:

  • Visual identity / graphics charter / brand book
  • Brand content / discourse charter
  • Internal communication: transition plan, management training, discourse charter, arguments, newsletter
  • External communication: publications, digital channels, publicity, press relations in France, international events


  • The repositioning of the brand, and a reassertion of leadership
  • PCM has reappropriated the story of its founder, René Moineau, and has improved its market position with regard to its competitors
  • Approval of the corporate image and discourse by current and prospective customers
  • An average of 126 citations per year

Establishing a reference discourse within the construction industry

Qualibat is an organisation that certifies French companies working in construction and renovation. And state subsidies are available to individuals who have work carried out in line with the « Reconnu Grenelle Environnement » (RGE) programme.

How can the RGE programme be used to promote Qualibat?


  • An informative, reassuring discourse that allows Qualibat to build on previous communication campaigns
  • Capitalising on the concept of confidence, with a content-based approach aimed at both professionals and the wider public, featuring Qualibat’s twin roles as consultant and partner

For professionals: « Join Qualibat! »
For decision-makers and the general public: « Insist on Qualibat! »


  • An RTB advertising campaign aimed at professionals, and the sponsorship of an e-newsletter
  • Direct marketing directed at professionals seeking certification
  • A reorganisation of the digital ecosystem, and a quarterly e-newsletter
  • The « Batimat » trade fair, with themed visuals


  • Qualitative changes in results between 2012 and 2015
  • CPC divided by 10 as a result of RTB advertising, by comparison with the B2B « Display » system that was set up in 2013
Trouvay & Cauvin

Relaunching an historic brand

Trouvay & Cauvin Gulf started out as a supplier of tubes, taps and other equipment for the oil, gas, water and construction industries. It originally developed its activities in the Gulf region, and in particular Dubai, then moved into other markets around the world. And it was at this crucial juncture that it called on Wellcom for assistance in strategic brand management.

How is one to stand out from competitors and « false friends » in order to expand across the globe?



  • To recover the attributes of the former worldwide group, with Trouvay & Cauvin Gulf becoming Trouvay & Cauvin
  • To organise brands in a way that will make the group’s structure more transparent (on the basis of the relevant geographical zones)


  • A rethinking of market position, corporate communication and graphic identity


  • A high-profile event, with Trouvay & Cauvin taking advantage of ADIPEC to reveal its new ambitions and dimensions
  • A digital system for improved appropriation, both internally and externally


  • An RTB advertising campaign
  • An editorial charter that is consistent with the brand structure
  • A prestigious stand at ADIPEC
  • PR activity

Establishing an international company in a localised market for PVC windows

For more than 20 years, Veka has been an international leader in the PVC window market, firstly in the B2B sector, then in the mainstream, with a strong brand image.

How is Veka to raise its profile (and that of PVC as such) among professionals and the public?


To stimulate growth and reinforce the brand image


  • The creation of a territory, « Opening through beauty », with exposure on TV, in magazines and in the specialist press
  • The recruitment of assembly staff through regional events
  • The creation of B2B and B2C editorial systems
  • A network of 150 franchisees
  • A strong presence in national and regional events
  • The creation of an ambassadorial architects’ club


  • 15% annual growth in turnover
  • Professionally-recognised innovations
  • Incentives for technicians
  • Architects’ endorsements of the products’ aesthetic properties
  • A head office that is a major employer in Thonon-les-Bains