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Wellcom: expertise in the field of new technologies

In hardware and software equally, digital service companies and Web startups constitute an important part of our clientele. The members of our « new technologies » department have many years of experience, and they know the specificities of the sector. We work with companies of every size, up to and including international groups, on issues of profile, image and opinion-forming, both B2B and B2C.

flecheHere, our references in the field of new technologies
flecheCase studies


Who's got the best product?

November 2012: the launch of a system that would rate 45,000 everyday products according to 4 criteria: health, the environment, social considerations and price. It brought into play an innovative analytical methodology validated by a committee of 15 independent experts.

How to launch a smartphone app in the financial press?


The media launch of the Web Noteo site and the app


  • To enhance Web Noteo’s credibility among opinion-makers and the wider public.


  • Interviews and press conferences to coincide with the launch
  • Editorial partnerships with the media


  • Contacts with key journalists, and exclusive features (e.g. in Le Nouvel Observateur)
  • Targetted documentation (press releases and conferences, Save the Date)


  • 95 press reactions
    • TV
    • Radio
    • On-line articles
    • Print media

Getting a startup off the ground, with a bird's eye view of the situation

Redbird is a civilian drone operator. Founded in 2012, it provides innovative ways of optimising resources and productivity through the processing and analysis of drone-acquired data. It operates mainly in 3 sectors: infrastructure, public works and precision agriculture.

How to launch the first wave of civilian utilisations for drones?



  • To publicise the civilian drone market in France, in terms of regulations and applications
  • To establish Redbird as an essential player with regard to non-leisure uses of drones


  • To publicise Redbird through opportunities presented by current events, e.g. Amazon, the FAA or the overflight of the town of Nancy
  • To develop and install Redbird’s key messages in terms of its activity and expertise, and to reinforce its position through financial and strategic partnerships


  • 367 citations and 94 interviews in just 9 months
  • Qualitative coverage, with dedicated articles
  • Systematic approaches by major players, and institutional recognition
Syntec Numérique

Positioning digital technology as a societal issue

Syntec Numérique is a grouping of 1,500 digital service companies, software publishers and technology consultancies that account for 80% of turnover in the sector, in France. Since June 2010, it has been headed by Guy Mamou-Mani.

Syntec Numérique contributes to the development of information and communications technologies. It promotes software and service companies, and represents collective professional interests.

How to establish the group’s synergetic role, and maximise the media impact of its actions and campaigns?



  • To provide a central message that embodies new ambitions
  • To develop brand and image recognition beyond the usual target groups, notably in the non-specialist media
  • To enlarge areas of interaction, and to situate Syntec Numérique as an essential player in the digital ecosystem


  • A considerable heightening of Syntec Numérique’s profile in the non-specialist media since the beginning of the partnership
  • Excellent media coverage: 291 interviews, and almost 3,200 citations
  • An extension of the group’s presence in the audiovisual media this year, and especially in press interviews
  • A director who is fully engaged with the leading opinion-forming and audiovisual media

Raising the profile of a little-known sector

Thales Transport, with 7,000 employees, is a world leader in urban transport. For several decades it has been working with operators of transport systems, notably in the Ile-de-France region, but also around the globe. The central issue: intermodality.

How to highlight Thales Transport’s importance for the Grand Paris project?

Objective: a communication strategy linked to the expectations of the public and the ambitions of the Grand Paris project.


Strategy: The use of the Origami System® for:

  • The creation of a brand platform
  • The development of a discourse charter and a communication plan


  • Assertive positioning: Thales Transport’s innovative urban mobility systems improve people’s lives. They have been adopted by municipalities across the world.
  • A new signature: « Let yourself be transported by us »