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Wellcom: expertise in the field of retail distribution

Consumer goods, services and on-line sales: Wellcom has many years of experience and creative projects. Launches (or re-launches), consumer loyalty, multibrand actions, campaigns: all are worthwhile. The point is to get the treatment right.

With teams of consultants in marketing communication and corporate communication, Wellcom has partnered international brands.

flecheHere, our references in the field of consumer
flecheHere, our references in the field of lifestyle
flecheCase studies


Positioning FIFA as a cultural phenomenon

Electronic Arts: a world leader in the interactive digital entertainment market.

How is media interest in a cult game to be renewed and optimised, year on year?


Objective: greater visibility for the game, before, during and after the commercial launch


a reinforcement of FIFA’s position outside of video games…

…as a genuine cultural phenomenon

  • Highlighting the technical challenges, each time
  • Developing the existing FIFA community, with key ambassadors
  • Creating content that goes beyond the game itself and its functionalities


  • Media interest: Loft FIFA, voice recordings, jackets, journalists
  • A VIP evening (celebrities, players, journalists, members of the FIFA community) to give the launch a high profile
  • Permanent contacts with the media
  • The development of a digital community


  • 629 media hits for FIFA 12
  • 776 media hits for FIFA 13
  • 1,537 media hits for FIFA 14
  • 483 media hits for FIFA World Cup
  • 1,770 media hits for FIFA 15

Some 200 journalists were present at each VIP event.

Apéritifs à Croquer

Crunchy snacks: winning journalists' approval

The Collective des Apéritifs à Croquer comprises France’s main producers of crunchy snacks, and their brands.
Its role: to provide information about these products in a context of nutritional sensitivity (calories, salt, palm oil, etc.)

How to enhance and update the image of products that don’t always get a favourable press?


2009-2012: the rolling out of the « Apéro-Style » collection

  • 4 thematic leaflets: Tendance Déco, Les Moments de Consommation, Le Fait Maison, Les Tribus
  • Exclusive recipes, and co-productions with culinary experts

Replacing received ideas by new, rich, media-friendly content

2013-2014: a new digital platform, « L’Apéronomie »

  • A friendly Internet site, with news, recipes and trends
  • Presence on social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest
  • The creation of bloggers’ workshops: « Happy Apéronomie »

Favouring communication between different connected groups.


Résultats Apéro-style en constante évolution sur la période

Constantly increasing sales for « Apéro-style »

  • +130 citations, all favourable
  • 20 times more visits to the site in 1.5 years
  • Some 6,500 Facebook fans
  • Almost 900 Twitter followers
  • More than 30 bloggers
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Monsieur Meuble

Making a brand more attractive to younger people

In France, Monsieur Meuble has been a familiar presence for 40 years. It currently has 140 outlets for its furniture products.

How is a brand image to be rejuvenated and modernised in the eyes of 35-49 year-olds?


Objective: to inform people that a traditional brand is moving upmarket, with new products and renovated stores

Strategy: the use of the Origami System® to provide a brand platform and consulting advice


  • Creativity: a new communication campaign, with TV ads and regional coverage (Web, posters, press). The launch of a broadcast ad on 26 February, along with catalogues and 10 promotional operations.
  • A digital marketing strategy: emails, social networks, community events, a reorganisation of Web sites and e-commerce.
  • Signature and positioning: internal evidence of receptiveness to consumers and anticipation of their desire to « optimise their inner potential »
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Blogging as a point of entry into major media

The Nigloland theme park opened in 1987 in the Aube department of northern France. It is now seeking to raise its profile on the national level, and to expand its range of target groups.

How is Nigloland to stand out in a market dominated by Disneyland Paris and the Futuroscope?


Consultancy: communication highlighting the 2014 launch of « Alpina Blitz », aimed essentially at bloggers, and thereby the mainstream media.

Two series of measures

  • Tweeting, and visits to the park for 20 bloggers
  • A big opening splash, with 30 journalists


  • Reaching out to 2 million people through social networks, 5,500 Facebook fans and more than 500 Twitter followers in 6 months
  • Getting Nigloland exposure on television
  • More citations (notably on television) than other parks over a 4-month period, and 475 articles

Energising a brand image and expanding a market

Pioneer is a major player in areas such as audiovisual and navigation systems, on-board electronics and equipment for DJs. Its expertise and the quality of its products are widely recognised, but it is often considered elitist, and its image has been in decline.

How is the brand to be re-dynamised in such a way as to reach a wider public?


A new dynamic for a world-renowned brand

  • Bringing together 3 independent structures: Car multimedia, DJing, Audio video
  • Giving Pioneer a more qualitative form of perception

A brand that’s open to the digital world

  • The creation and follow-up of communities on Facebook
  • The organisation of influential events, e.g. DJ@home

A brand reconnected to media expectations

  • Simple, hierarchical communication
  • Products that are accessible to journalists, opinion-formers and the general public
  • Personalised operations for each of the 3 divisions, aimed respectively at bloggers, opinion-formers and journalists

Capitalising on brand goodwill


  • More than 30,000 people on social networks
  • A 500% growth in 4 years, and 30% more citations in the mainstream press
  • A 40% increase in tests: more than 140 publications