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Wellcom: expertise in the field of services

Communicating and promoting expertise in services requires very different strategies from those involved in talking about products. It’s a question of giving concrete form to something that’s abstract by nature.

Consulting services for firms in the fields of law, management, recruitment, professional development, local government and personal care: Wellcom’s « services » department has a confirmed track record in these areas, going back several decades.

What Wellcom’s clients have in common is a desire to enhance their visibility, to reinforce their image, and to establish relations of confidence in order to expand their activity.

flecheHere, our references in the field of BtoB services
flecheHere, our references in the field of BtoC services
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Making a supplier of personal services more competitive

Founded in 2004, Coviva is now France’s third largest supplier of services for dependent persons.
For Coviva, communication is fundamental. Its clients are anxious about their loved ones, and the market is increasingly competitive.

How is a company to stand out, while maintaining its professionalism?


  • A positioning that departs from neutrality to assert a positive vocation and a mission
    • A « Partner for life at home », and a promise: « At home for so much longer »
    • A new visual identity, an editorial charter, franchises, sales methods, trade fairs, open days, etc.
  • An RP programme to publicise Coviva’s expertise
    • Events and operations focussed on Coviva, with exchanges between franchises, staff members and journalists
    • Targetted reactions to the World Health Day, Alzheimer’s, handicap, etc.
  • A new area of activity, perfectly integrated into the existing market
  • A twofold increase in visibility over two years
  • An acceleration in commercial development across France
    • No. 3 in relation to dependent persons
    • No. 4 in relation to personal services
  • 50 media hits in 2011-2012
  • A strong media presence on the regional and national level
    • More than 400 hits in 2011-2012
    • The visibility of Coviva and its franchisees across the country

The importance of consistency

Branche Energie France (BEF) is part of the Engie group (formerly GDF Suez). It is involved in all the different aspects of gas and electricity supply, with a number of different business units, subsidiaries and brands that it is seeking to publicise.

How is BEF’s expertise, and that of the group as a whole, to be optimised?


  • Consultancy: a B2C policy that covers a spectrum of objectives, some of them divergent
  • Communication: information about energy and its uses, including the question of transition, with illustrated documentation
  • Measures
    • A brand platform and a communicational programme that span the B2B and B2C market, from nuclear power plants to wind farms, and associated services, clearly differentiated from those provided by EDF.
    • A steering committee to ensure optimal positioning with respect to consumer issues
    • Monitoring of current topics and sensitive topics, along with the highlighting of brands in terms of information and innovation
    • An image database


  • Almost 4,000 proactive press hits, plus responsiveness to sensitive subjects
  • Consistency across all internal and external communication
  • Expertise in the field of energy, and added incentives
Kurt Salmon

Thinking outside the box, and making a difference

Kurt Salmon is an international agency for management consultancy and corporate strategy. Its 1,400 operators provide original ideas that have a direct, concrete impact, and, in particular, on their transformational objectives.

How is Kurt Salmon to become a world leader in management consultancy?


Crucial issues:

  • To maximise visibility among decision-makers
  • To differentiate Kurt Salmon from the Big Five
  • To demonstrate the quality of its consulting activity


  • Through communication directed towards the market and the 14 members of the HR Group
  • By taking account of trends and targetting communication
  • Working with experienced spokespersons on economic and legislative developments
  • Responsiveness


In 2012, Kurt Salmon became a leading actor in the consultancy sector.

Positive results in 2014: an enhanced media profile, with some 2,500 press hits, and more than 400 interviews

Forte visibilité du cabinet dans les médias. Près de 2 500 retombées en 2014 et plus de 400 interviews initiées :

  • National daily newspapers: La Tribune, Les Echos, Le Monde, Le Figaro
  • News magazines: Challenges, Le Point, Le Nouvel Observateur
  • Specialist publications: LSA, Points de Vente, Cosmétique Mag
  • Audiovisual media: BFM TV, Europe 1, France 2, Radio Classique

Setting out an international group's emphasis on proximity

Randstad France is part of Randstad Holding, the world’s second largest human resources company, founded in the Netherlands in 1960. In France, it is a leader in HR services, with a staff of 3,800 and a turnover of €2.83 bn. In 2013, the group recruited 62,000 temporary staff and 15,000 professionals across its local and national network of 830 agencies.

How to establish the group’s status as a world leader in human resources, but also its centrality to the French market?



  • To raise Randstad Holding’s profile in the media, with targetted content
  • To enhance the visibility of its skills base and services
  • To acquire greater media coverage for its philanthropic activities:
    • to reinforce corporate messages
    • to maximise possibilities for communication


20% annual progress:

In 2014:

  • 2841 press citations, compared to 2,317 in 2013: +23% in daily and regional newspapers, radio, TV and specialist HR media.
  • 160 160 interviews, compared to 142 in 2013, i.e. +13%.

A first port of call for journalists


Launching a startup in a competitive, challenging market

SnapCar, founded in 2012, is a smartphone-enabled private chauffeur service. It provides a « transport 2.0 » experience for individuals and companies.

The problem for SnapCar is one of expansion, given:
• keen competition, e.g. from Uber
• friction between private chauffeur firms and taxis

Wellcom: action

Strategy:  alternating forms of communication:

  • Reliable, multidimensional information with regard to the competition.
  • A focus on SnapCar, with the development of its services and profitability.
  • Attentiveness to sensitive subjects and reputation.


  • The placement of opinion pieces, expert advice and open letters
  • 18 press releases in different versions, adapted to the various target media.
  • Tests of the app
  • Ongoing research-based production of new content
  • 2 competition-based games for social media (Instagram, Facebook)

Wellcom: activation

– Citations of SnapCar in specialist media.

– 15 opinion pieces in the non-specialist press (Le Parisien, Le Figaro, Le Nouvel Observateur, etc.).

– 131 interviews, including 37% on TV and radio, 27% in daily newspapers.

– 676 media hits in 20 months, mainly in articles, on TV and radio.