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Wellcom: expertise in the field of travel and tourism

Travel and tourism are highly specific by nature, and they require correspondingly specific types of expertise on our part. For international operators, whether specialist or non-specialist, and those who deal in destination marketing, the digital dimension of communication is now preponderant, and it is at the heart of the long-term strategy implemented by the agency’s travel and tourism department.

flecheHere, our references in the field of tourism
flecheCase studies

B&B Hôtels

An alternative to "low-cost"

B&B pioneered budget hotel rooms with added services – but it has tended to be seen in the same light as Formule 1 and other low-cost chains.

How to stand out in a market, establishing a territory and creating a more qualitative, innovative image?



  • To change the perception of budget hotels by emphasising lifestyle features with which people can identify
  • To create a new category of hotel, « Econochic »: competitive + modern + friendly


  • Press conferences, message platforms, spokespeople
  • Unconventional communication about the product
  • The development of a digital community
  • Thematic communication
  • Events to accompany the opening of new hotels


  • 450 citations in 2014, with high-profile communication about the opening of hotels
  • A total of 140 million hits annually
  • An award for « Econochic » at the 2011 Hospitality Awards

And, in particular:

  • Greater attractiveness for the 25-35 year-old market
  • The development of weekend casual (as opposed to business) reservations
Costa Croisières

Bringing historic leadership back to centre stage

Costa Cruises is Europe’s leading cruise company in terms of both fleet size and passenger numbers.

How is Costa Cruises’ PR communication to be made more youthful, original, immediate, relevant, fun?


Publicising Costa Cruises’ 3 highlights for 2011:

  • The 2012 brochure (end of February)
  • The launch of the Costa Favolosa (end of June)
  • Top Résa (20-23 September)

Putting across 3 essential messages about Costa Cruises:

  • Its long-standing leadership position
  • Its central position in France, with the largest number of passengers
  • Its market-propelling innovations


Non-specialist media: newer, fresher ways to grab the attention of journalists looking for novelty, trends and originality.

Corporate media: professional showcases such as Seatrade and Top Résa, or events organised by the company itself, with ports of call in France, launches of ships, publications, etc.


1,830 citations in the media:

  • 1,033 in the print media
  • 754 on line
  • 43 in the audiovisual media

After 8 years of partnership:

  • media results: +285%
  • the largest increase: 423%, in the non-specialist press

10 years of innovation in the service of the tourist trade

iDTGV was set up in 2004 by SNCF as an alternative to low-cost airlines, but also in anticipation of the rail market being opened up to competition. It is a veritable laboratory for new, innovative concepts. Travellers are offered opportunities to experience the train in ways that didn’t previously exist.

How to create a preference in a newly-competitive market?



  • To establish iDTGV as a creator of innovation and a facilitator of experimentation
  • To develop a range of services that provide precise responses to the tourist’s expectations
  • To provide customised services by placing iDTGV’s clients at the heart of its concerns


  • Communication based on the brand’s fundamentals: concept, positioning, customer relations
  • iDTGV’s strong points: quality of service, catering, en-route events
  • Publicising new offers in the non-specialist press: destinations, services and ways of booking

Les nouvelles destinations, les ouvertures des réservations, les nouveaux services…


A presence across the different print media, with over 1,000 citations per year.