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In brief

1st independant agency

Founded in 1981, Wellcom is now, with 110 collaborators, one of the 3 first agencies in its sector and the 1st independent consulting agency in communication and public relations. It is an active member of the global network PROI, 1er network of independent agencies, represented in more than 50 countries.

Our mission: activating the movement

From an approach based on the interaction between Image and Opinions, we see it as our mission to create or induce movement and shift the lines to meet the strategic challenges of enterprises and institutions.

Our approach: Image + Opinions


Creating preference,
Preference is the fruit of image communication, which aims to develop and maintain public awareness, establish a position to reinforce the imagination, involving seduction as an essential lever.
Generating confidence…
Confidence belongs to the field of opinion communication, which influences or suggests appreciations and helps developing reputation (including e-reputation). Relationship and conversation are main keys in order to generate confidence.

… And motivating commitment
Commitment belongs to both fields of image and opinions as well as a more operational type of communication using means of stimulation and activation.

Act of purchase, subscription, adherence to an idea, internal mobilization, support for a cause, brand loyalty, commitment of your various publics are a major strategic challenge.

Our methods: theory + practice

The implementation and follow-up of our methods rely on our team of high-level consultants, who themselves rely on an integrated strategic planning and experienced operational resources.

  • International index of values® and values approach
    A ten-year qualitative and quantitative Benchmark of corporate values (over 4,000 companies in 12 countries) and marketing brand values which lead to the formalizing of an innovative approach of construction, deploying and appropriation of corporate values.
  • Origami System®
    Unique approach (internationally recognized) allowing the upstream diagnosis and analysis of strengths and weaknesses along with the downstream development in accordance with image and opinions communications.
    This approach notably allows the structuring of basic principles, the development of a brand platform in coherence with the global challenges of the enterprise as well as the building of content in coherence with its mission and values.
  • High-Touch®
    ​A structuration of the communication by public.
  • 24/7 NetInfluence®
    Monitoring of Image and Opinions’ trends and evolutions on the web (e-reputation) and communication programs on social networks.
  • Méthode ADIR®
    Training for spokespeople and communicators (Wellcom Institut)

Our organisation: strategy + implementation



Our 90 consultants and co-workers, based in Paris with intermediary agencies in main French regional capitals, assist companies and institutions in the success of their challenges.

The agency was the first to receive quality certification
(Certification Norme Syntec / DNV/CMS 2010 – 2012 – renewed in 2014).

Five independent studies have successively awarded a strong attractiveness and a customer satisfaction score ranking Wellcom among the very first consulting agencies in communication.

Sectoral expertise and references

Wellcom is active in numerous fields of activity and equally involved regardless of the size of the enterprise (from 10 to 50.000 employees).
Consult here our active clients and our references by sector

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