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September 2015

In a nutshell

September’s Edito

Dear partner and friend,

Each year in France, as summer comes to an end, the back-to-work period brings back its rituals and this newsletter does not fail to take part.


News France:
After the recent events in the Thalys train, we all hope there will not be any other tragic event occurring in our country. We are also pleased to host and preside the 21st Conference of the United Nations on Climate Change of 2015, from November 30th to December 11th. This crucial conference, which needs to result in a new international agreement on climate, applicable to all countries, gives France a prominent role on the international stage.

News Communication:
The market remains a bit tight, however, it seems to be back on track in both the PR and the digital areas.

News Wellcom:
Wellcom will close its fiscal year at the end of September. We expect a growth of our business by nearly 10%.

We wish you all a good return to work,

Thierry Wellhoff

Agency News

September’s Agency News

Latest edition of our Social Media Guide

A tremendous opportunity of communication for brands, businesses and institutions, social networks symbolize and accompany the economic and societal changes that we know. Analyzing and understanding your environment, formalizing your goals and identifying your target are essential prerequisites for any digital strategy, as long as you know the basis of it.

The 4th edition of the Social Media Guide explores the social networks, through an approach both accessible and very complete. Addressing the novice as well as the advanced, this guide will allow you to adapt to a new territory as well as to develop and structure your knowledge.


Wellcom’s New clients – September 2015

aareon AAREON Implementation of information systems for property management.
ateliers-d-art ATELIERS D’ART DE FRANCE Professional organization of Crafts.
chictypes CHIC TYPES Styling service and personal advice for men.
cofrac COFRAC Association responsible for the accreditation of laboratories, certification bodies and inspection.
college-ostheopathique COLLEGE OSTHEOPATIQUE Osteopath school in Paris.
csoec CSOEC High Council of the Association of Chartered Accountants.
didaxis DIDAXIS Portage company specializing in the business of intellectual services, consulting, training, engineering, IT and services.
digitsole DIGITSOLE Smart shoes and soles.
ea-games EA GAMES/SPORTS Worldwide leader in the market of interactive entertainment software.
elengy ELENGY (ENGIE) Gas supplier in France
europacity EUROPACITY Future “Grand Paris” entertainment district which will offer culture, commerce and hotels.
schwitzke SCHWITZKE Consultancy specialized in the design of commercial arrangement.
sofrigam SOFRIGAM Manufacturer of insulated and refrigerated packaging and cold packs.
sony SONY PSE Manufacturer leader in the audio industry, video, game and NICT.
sqli SQLI Expert of the digital transformation of organizations and systems.
staubli STAUBLI Industrial robots, fitting, and textile machinery.
sdi SYNDICAT DES INDÉPENDANTS  Apolitical and financially independent interprofessional employers’ federation dedicated to all very small businesses.




Wellcom’s Pundits – September 2015

The last two editions of the Wellcom’s newsletter “Wellnews” highlighted:

Eric Fottorino – Top editor in French News. A journalist, political novelist, columnist, former executive director of the french newspaper Le Monde and an essayist… Eric Fottorino is often described as a man of multiple identities. In April 2014, he founded Le 1, a remarkable weekly newspaper which focuses each week on a highly topical issue from the point of view of writers, researchers, philosophers, anthropologists as well as artists, poets, illustrators and specialists. He looks back on his experience after a year.

Interviewed for the Wellnews of June.

Olivier de Lagarde – Famous radio journalist. For over 25 years, his radio programs have been heard on the french radio station France Info, which focuses on news, debates and analysis of current events… Olivier de Lagarde was alternately a journalist, a reporter, a columnist, a radio show host and a TV presenter… In this interview, he presents both his flagship programs of the moment and looks back at his career, in a constant evolution.

Interviewed for the Wellnews of July.