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March 2016

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March’s Edito

twThe national state of emergency, a decision taken by the French government following the terrorist attacks last November in Paris has been extended till 26th of May. This decision is contested by associations of freedom and human rights and by politics (even in François Holllande’s ranks) who denounce that this measure is inefficient and goes against the principles of democracy. This decision gives the right to police forces to operate search without the warrant of a judge, to decide restriction on freedom of movement of certain person, to forbid meeting which can cause disorder etc.

Considering Wellcom activity, we have won several clients (see article ‘New clients’). We conducted a new survey about the corporate values, with an independent institute; you will find the results below.

And the big news: we made the acquisition of an independent agency, La Maison Link, specialized in FMCG and Lifestyle.

Agency News

March’s Agency News

• With La Maison Link, Wellcom significantly reinforces its lifestyle and consumer expertise.

We are very pleased to announce that Wellcom and La Maison Link, agency specialized in consumer and lifestyle have combined their expertises.
Wellcom, the first French independent PR and communication agency, counts now 110 employees and therefore confirms its leadership and shows a turnover of 12 million euros.
This merger is based on a common ambition:

· A shared vision of a communication based on the creativity and the relationship.
· The customer satisfaction, the base of both agencies’ reputation.
· Common values, among those, ambition, loyalty and enthusiasm.

“With big brands such as Canon, Groupe Brandt, Sodebo, Fragonard, Playmobil, Hertz, Gibson Innovations etc. The alignment of La Maison Link with Wellcom allows the agency to develop significantly its expertise and its customer base in the consumer and lifestyle business sector.

• New major hiring

Karlis Montchovi, Account manager with more than 15 years of experience strengthens the digital expertise of Wellcom.

“I am pleased to join Wellcom, an agency both strong and agile which anticipated the evolution of the business and got grips on the structural changes” said Karlis.

• “Values: a vector of transformation or commitment?”

Wellcom presented a new survey about corporate values/

The main interrogations about values were:
How do companies define and communicate their values?
How values are perceived by management teams and how do they appropriate those values?

To answer those questions, Wellcom surveyed a panel of more than 400 companies’ managers.

Below are the key results of what came out from this survey:

46% of companies defined corporate values
48% of those defined between 3 and 5 values.
• Managers are conscious that values when they are clearly defined, are an asset
• Clearly defined, values are useful to drive communication both internal
(for 96% of managers) and external (91%).
• The best ways to make the employees adopt the values are 1) through actions
and exemplarity, 2) through communications; 3) through workshops.
• The preferred supports to spread values are firstly dedicated to corporate communication.
• Although values have been anchored for years in 40% of companies,
the definition of values is still not much spread.

Wellcom’s New clients – March 2016

ARGUS DE LA PRESSE argusdelapresse Media intelligence, media & publics insights.
BLUELINK edito A subsidiary of Air France KLM, BlueLink helps businesses building premium customer relations so as to create value for their brand.
CABINET JEHANNE COLLARD cabinet Law firm specialized in victims’ rights (road accidents, day-to-day accidents and terror attacks victims).
CIPRES cipres Group insurance and social protection for self-employed persons, VSE and SME.
CSC csc  A global leader in providing technology enabled business solutions and services.
ELIOR SERVICES elior Cleaning, reception & support services to maintain an efficient and safe working environment.
FIGARO CLASSIFIEDS figaro French leader of advertisement classified Employment, Training and Real estate on the internet.
INDIGO indigo World leader in parking which operates in over 500 cities.
IXBLUE ixblue Conception of underwater devices.
KAPPA CLUB kappa All-included package in premium hotels.
petitjournal French language news website aimed at French expatriates and French speaking communities outside France.
NIGLOLAND nigloland Entertainment resort.
PONANT ponant French premium cruising company.
SHOPIUM shopmium Mobile app to discover product in shops.
SOFIDY sofidy Conception and development of investment and saving products mainly for real estate of business.
UMR umr Mutual union pension.



Winning the public opinion battle in order to rally the clients to the medical practitioners’ cause for the future medicine

The SML is a union that gathers medical practitioners, whether they are specialized in specific area or in general practitioners.

2015 was a crucial year for the health sector in France and more specifically for practitioners:
A draft bill on Public Health was put forward by the government. This bill, among other things, was meant to deeply change the operation of the private medicine sector and was partly inspired by the NHS system. Indeed, under this new bill, visits would not be paid by the patients and doctors would have to claim the money back from social security and private insurance companies – a move that practitioners fear will lead to delays in payment and more administrative burdens.

A sector trade election was to be held for the renewal of the practitioner’s representatives within the sector trade association. The SML position as the third union of the sector was at risk.
Within such a context, the SML was determined to conduct an influence campaign that would secure their position.

The major constraints lied in the SML’s opposition to the draft bill. Indeed if the general public is generally very positive about their practitioners, they yet supported the idea of not having to pay for the visits to their doctor. Therefore, it was not possible to openly speak about the union opposition to this specific part of the bill.

Rather than having a defensive strategy to defend the SML cause, we relied on a positive campaign to rally the clients to the medical practitioners’ cause.
We decided to put client/medical practitioner relationship at the core of communication.

The campaign was built on 3 pillars

• Supporting the SML election campaign
• Promoting the cause of the SML through a better understanding of their role and mission
• Engaging conversation on social networks to show the support of the general public

A campaign director was detached from the agency to lead during one month the campaign content and communication:

• Elaboration of the program
• Media conference to launch the campaign program

Promoting the cause of the SML through a better understanding of their role and mission

• Media meetings with journalists specialized in health but also consumer media to introduce the union and its mission and promote its cause
• Interviews of doctors when key demonstration and strikes were organized by the union

• Engaging conversation on line to show the support of the general public
• Daily post on social media (Facebook and Twitter) to promote the cause and explain the action of the SML

The SML selfie kit: an online activation program that invited medical practitioners to take pictures with their clients and send it to the SML with the message ‘no to the draft bill on public health’. The selfies were posted on the Mur du Refus (refusal wall) and share on social networks.


RESULTS: 1219 media hits and SML is now ranked as the 3rd medical practitioners union in France.


Wellcom’s Pundits – March 2016

The last two editions of the Wellcom’s newsletter “Wellnews” highlighted :

Vincent Perrault: journalist
Journalist since 1993 who made his debut on the French radio (France Inter and RTL), Vincent Perrault worked at the Agence France Presse in 1987 before joining the TF1 Group at the launching of the news channel LCI in 1994. Since then, he has held the position of economics journalist and hosts the economic chronicle “La chronique de l’éco” on LCI.

Interviewed for the Wellnews of February.

Phlippe Escande: jounalist and author
Philippe Escande joined the business supplement of the newspaper, Le Monde, as chief editor. He is a close observer of economic changes. In his last book Welcome to capitalism 3.0, he analyses the signs that help understanding how the third industrial revolution will affect our societies and economies.

Interviewed for the Wellnews of January.