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June 2016

In a nutshell

June’s Edito

The announcement of the draft bill Loi travail or El Khomri law, designed to make the labor market more flexible, has provoked a wave of social protest. Significant public resistance began on 31st April, with the social movement “Nuits Debouts” (translated into English as “Up All Night”), centered at Paris’s Place de la République, where protestors have held nightly assemblies. Since, major French unions such as CFDT (Confédération française démocratique du travail) and CGT (Confédération générale du travail) called for a national strike in various sectors; transport (trains, flights, and undergrounds in Paris), rubbish collection, postal delivery, as well as oil refineries… Let’s see what is going to happen in the next future…

About Wellcom’s activity, we have won several clients (see article ‘New clients’). We had the chance to follow the sailing race, The Transat, step by step, with our client Sodebo, for which La Maison Link (Wellcom Group) provides PR support.

The Minister for the Economy, Finance and Industry, Emmanuel Macron wants to set up a communication and consulting sector, like others industries, such as the metal industry. Recently, a commission gathering communications and consulting agencies as well as digital players, media investment agencies, and service providers is defining key issues to make a proposition to the government upon how this sector need to be organized. Thierry Wellhoff, as President of Wellcom as well as President of Syntec Public Relations (French PR association), is taking part to this commission.

And the big news: we are restructuring and redesigning the architecture of our offer and expertises. Watch out for the next newsletter to find out more…

Agency News

June’s Agency News

Sodebo and Thomas Colleville engaged in the legendary sailing race « The Transat »

Sodebo, with the support by La Maison Link (Wellcom Group) for its PR, is sponsoring Thomas Colleville, in the legendary sailing race “The Tansat”.

The first Transat was completed by Eric Tabarly, in 1964 in 27 days. But times have changed… the skippers of the multihulls, usually cross the ocean in 8 days. On the impressive trimaran Sodebo Ultim, Thomas Colleville set sail from Plymouth on May 2nd, and reached New York in 8 days, 18 hours and 32 minutes, in second position. After he set feet on the shore, his job was not finished yet, as he had to give interviews to the many  French journalists who had made the trip to New York with La Maison Link.

The adventure is to continue. La Maison Link  will support Sodebo, in its sponsoring for Le Vendée Globe race, next November.


Wellcom’s New clients – June 2016

AB InBev abinbev Major brewing group in the world.
AFMM afmm French organism which gathers major players in mobile market and multimedia content
Air Liquide airliquide Leader in gases, technology and services for industry and health
Alcoa  Architectural products alcoa Leader in aluminium
AREVA TA areva Design and manufacture of nuclear reactors.
Comptoir des voyages comptoir Travel Agency
CREPA crepa Insurance for lawyer’s office staff
Demathieu bard demathieu French major player in the construction market
Engie engie Global player in energy
FnMT fnmt Interim management association
Holistea holistea School training in osteopathy
KONE kone Lift manufacturer
OFI ofi Financial assets management
OPEN open Digital services
Pharmavie pharmavie Network of more than 800 pharmacies
Rcup rcup Start-up in confort soles
Sadec Akelys sadec  Office of chartered accountants and consulting
Sealife sealife Aquarium. Entertainement
SHERPA sherpa Financial consulting
Trustpilot trustpilot Assessment for online merchants
Verlingue verlingue Insurance broker for companies.
Vin de Bergerac vins French vineyard



Transforming an unknown brand into a must have accessory for music fans context

ue-rollUltimate Ears is transforming the way people experience music, together, out in the world. UE first revolutionized the way artists interact with their concert audiences by reinventing the on-stage monitor, turning it into a custom-fitted earphone. Today, Ultimate Ears continues stronger than ever with its award-winning family of wireless speakers that are designed for people, their friends and wherever life takes them. And with new features and experiences regularly released through free software updates, UE speakers just keep getting better.
In 2015 UE introduced 2 major mobile sound systems designed for outdoor usage thanks to their strong resistance, their ease of use and unique design: the UE ROLL for on the move usage and the UE BOOM a water proof product.
At this time the brand was virtually unknown brand in France and was operating in a very competitive and noisy environment.



• Leverage the UE brand and set it apart from the competitive environment focusing
on the brand assets : fresh, colorful, provocative and edgy
• Extend its appeal on the 14/35 age group
• Position the UE products as the ultimate reference for on the move music fans
• To extend and expand the product’s coverage on Social Media



Engage influencers by creating 2 amazing happenings in Paris where invitees could live the brand experience :
Give to the launch events a maximum impact on Social Media with hashtags dedicated:



Two specific events were organized in Paris for each product. Each event allowed to focus on the specific product assets and positioning.

An upper deck of a barge on the City of Fashion and Design’s banks in Paris, dressed up with a giant hashtag #UEROLL
Several happenings have been scheduled for the guests:
• Skateboard and longboard demonstration & initiation
• Photocalls with Instagram framework for immediate sharing on social networks


A party in a villa located just off Paris, with a private swimming pool, where the brand Ultimate Ears invites influencers and media to live a great experience with the new product UE BOOM 2
During the event, several happenings have been scheduled for the guests:
• 1 international recognized DJ (Naomie K)
• 4 world champion’s break-dancers
• 4 staff members from the best hamburger restaurant in Paris, Big Fernand
• 1 flair bartender
• 2 models for animations in the swimming pool


For both products seeding campaigns with KOL (bloggers, trendsetters, media) were conducted after the events.



More than 650K+ potential contacts reached
More than 70+ posts on Social Media platforms
More than 15K+ interactions (like, share, RT, comments, etc.)

More than the quantitative results, the product was very much appreciated by the influencers:
“A new nomad and waterproof speaker, both compact and very original” – La Parisienne
“A real crush for the UE Roll speaker which stands up to anything“ – Gizmodo

More than 3M+ potential contacts reached
More than 70+ posts on Social Media platforms
More than 40K+ interactions (like, share, RT, comments, etc.)

The products were very much appreciated by the influencers:
“A new nomad and waterproof speaker, both compact and very original” – La Parisienne
“A real crush for the UE Roll speaker which stands up to anything” – Gizmodo
“Yesterday night I felt in love #UEBOOM2” – Le Blog de Ludivine
“100% waterproof” – Julie Ferrez
“What a crazy sound!” – Naomie K
“Thank you Ultimate Ears for this wonderful evening! #MakeMusicSocial” – Sananas


Wellcom’s Pundits – June 2016

The last two editions of the Wellcom’s newsletter “Wellnews” highlighted :

Thierry Watelet: « Communicating like 2000 years ago! »
Thierry Watelet spent two decades at French radio station RTL including ten years at the supervisory editing, before he joined the France Télévisions group in 2000. He took over as head of Martinique’s and Mayotte’s channels, then became editor-in-chief at the Agence, an entity gathering some 100 journalists in charge of producing reports for several channels of the Group. He maintains a tropism for overseas departments with France Ô – which the Agence also manages. The former law student, familiar with public-speaking contests, is passionate about ancient texts, from Cicero to Bossuet. He often puts his expertise at the service of leaders and managers.

Interviewed for the Wellnews of May.

Jean-Marc Vittori: journalist
Jean-Marc Vittori, born in 1958, columnist for the French economics newspaper Les Echos since 2003, mostly writes about macroeconomics and economic theory.
Before he joined Les Echos, he also worked for other economics newspapers such as Challenges, L’Expansion (which he directed in 2001-2002) or Le Nouvel Economiste. He usually defends ideas in the tradition of a rather interventionist, classical liberalism. He is a graduate of Science Po Paris and holds a master’s degree in economics (Paris I).
In his book L’effet sablier (Grasset 2009), he predicts the end of middle classes. The pyramid becomes a sandglass. He analyses the forces in play, explaining the “end of the middle”: the role of the computer and Internet, the disappearance of the pyramidal model in businesses organization and their output.

Interviewed for the Wellnews of June.