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December 2016

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About France
The centre-right presidential primary which was took place in November ended with the surprised victory of Former Prime Minister, François Fillon who will run in the 2017 Presidential elections as the right wing candidate.
This unexpected and large victory of François Fillon, with nearly 70% of votes, raises the question of the reliability of opinion polls.
All political analysts agreed that old and traditional models are now broken. They are watching the April and May two-round election as the possible next shakeup of the French political system, after the US Trump victory in the US, the recent announcement of Francois Hollande that said he would not seek a second term in next year’s presidential election, but also the former prime minister Manuel Valls, who runs for president.

About Wellcom
The Wellcom agenda was also busy in this last quarter of the year with prestigious client. The attractivity of our offer on the French market was also confirmed by the BVA client survey: 9 out of 10 clients said they are satisfied and 95% would recommend us to other companies. No doubt that our CMS quality certification which was renewed for the 4th time in a row, last October, is one of the reasons for this high client satisfaction rate.

Wellcom’s New clients – December 2016

BIOCODEX biocodex French independent pharmaceutical company specializing in gastroenterology, neurology, psychiatry and pain management.
BMW Motorad bmw BMW’s range of motorbike.
CARGLASS carglass Repairing car windshields, rear and rear side windows.
COYOTTE coyote French company providing drivers with a warning system
EVOKE evoke Web-to-store campaigns. Evoke is the provider of SmartTraffik solutions, which implement your digital strategy to increase your revenue at points of sale.
MATAHI DRINK matahi Baobab enery juice made from 100% natural ingredients.
MGC MUTUELLE mgc The French mutual health insurance for railway workers for national railway staff and their immediate dependants and accessible to all since 2006.
REPARSTORE reparstore French leading network of specialists in the repair and modernization of blinds and rolling shutters
SLIMPAY slimpay SlimPay offers a Smart Recurring Payments platform that allows companies of all size to reduce churn and get paid faster with Direct Debit.
TEEPS teeps Mobile application offering free product recommendations service.
TOTAL CORPORATE total World leader in the oil and natural gas.



New collaborations for beauty addicts

Wellcomlink work for several cosmetic brands, and this year again they collaborate with designers or creator, presenting customized product for Christmas.

partners with Swaroski to create a line of makeup decorated with crystals.




FRAGONARD invited the famous English illustrator Rob Ryan to build in light the emblematic “Moment Volé” box of the brand

Protecting schools in war zones

#ProtectSchools is the title of the hard-hitting video produced by Human Rights Watch to defend security in schools. A campaign aimed at raising France’s awareness of this global issue. In wartime, schools are too often used as military bases. Schools become military targets and put children at risk. They are deprived of their right to education. To strengthen the protection of children in wartime, several NGOs, including Human Rights Watch, launched the Safe School Declaration, calling on governments to adhere to the Declaration on Safe Schools. Objective: to lead to a change in behaviour from armed forces and refrain them from using schools as a tool in their military strategy.
For the time ever, 56 States have signed this declaration. But France…not yet.
Wellcom, provide pro bono PR support to Human Rights Watch, and relayed this campaign on a large scope in France.