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June 2017

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June’s Edito

Centrist Emmanuel Macron has been elected French president with 66.10% of the vote, while his rival, far-right Marine Le Pen, took 33.90%. It has been a historic election by several measures: both candidates were from parties outside the political mainstream. It followed an unprecedented campaign marked by scandal and repeated surprises… and at least, Emmanuel Macron, 39, has become the youngest president in the history of France.
At the same time, and it is the best news that Insee (National Institute for Statistics and Economic Studies) announced recently: the confidence of the French has returned in this month of May to a level that it had not reached since August 2007, just before the big financial crisis that destroyed the economies all over the world.
Wellcom’s business is doing well too. At the dawn of our 36 years anniversary, we are spoiled, as we just have been elected French Consultancy of the year by the EMEA Sabre awards. To celebrate our birthday and thank our shareholders, customers, suppliers and employees for their enduring support, we are happy to invite them on June the 13th for a private concert of Terez Montcalm, in a famous Parisian jazzy club.

Agency News

Agency News June 2017

Happy Birthday Wellcom !

Created in 1981, Wellcom is 36 years old. Independent agency, we are now about 110 employees, working for more than 200 clients. This wonderful success story will be musically celebrated in June the 13th. The agency organizes an exceptional private show of the famous jazzy singer Terez Montcalm at the New Morning, seen as the top of the Parisian jazz club. Our shareholders, customers, suppliers and employees are warmly invited.

News clients June 2017

ASWO Spare parts for brown and white products
NIVEA Cosmetics
SAUR Management of public services (water and leisure) of local authorities
PIRIOU Construction, reparation and shipbuilding
SIBLU Outdoor hotel and mobile home sales
National Committee of Foreign Trade Advisors of France
Assistance and insurance solutions for health and life, global automotive and travel
MANOIR INDUSTRIES Forging and foundry technology
HONOR Smartphones – digital brand subsidiary of Huawei Technologies
SEDIF Water trade union of Paris region
CLIMESPACE Paris’ district cooling. Subsidiary of Engie
POMMIER Truck accessories and equipment




Health “at a Glance”



6 French out of 10 report spending more than 5 hours per day on a screen. A company topic not to be taken lightly … Professional computer, smartphone, tablet or even television … it is difficult to escape the screens for more of the majority of us. Essilor France, with its expertise in the field of visual health, naturally seizes the subject and proposes some simple tips to adapt to daily life to fully enjoy the connected life while preserving its eyes.

Eye relaxation movements, the “every 20 minutes” technique : 20 seconds of pause watching something 20 feet (about 6 meters away) or even muscle lens by holding a pencil in front of you, observing 5 seconds, then look away. As any techniques you will find in the EYEZEN application, available for free and available soon.
For more information, visit www.essilor.fr


Pundits June 2017

The last two editions of the Wellcom’s newsletter “Wellnews” highlighted:

Thomas Coville

He made history in 2016. Thomas Coville, skipper of Sodebo Ultim ‘crosses the finish line of his solo sailing round the world at 5.57PM on December 25, 2016. He sets a new record 49 days and 3 hours) and becomes the fastest sailor in the world. A few months later, in peace, Wellnews meets the skipper sponsored by Sodebo, obstinate adventurer who is not in his last dream.

Interviewed for the Wellnews of May.


Marc Beaugé

At the time of its first edition it was called as “rather dude”, “cool and a little messy”. Today a little more than 2 years after the number one, it has made its place and we no longer do without it. You guessed ? It is “Society magazine”, the quinzomadaire that does not leave indifferent in France. Marc Beaugé, Editor-in-Chief of the title, gives us the pleasure of this interview and explains what makes this magazine, which perfectly handles the art of telling the story.

Interviewed for the Wellnews of June.