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April 2018

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April’s Edito

#1 Scale up AI
The French government has unveiled a series of new initiatives and a €1.5 billion plan that seeks to make the country a global leader in the field of artificial intelligence research and innovation, dominated by the United States and China. Prior to that, the French president Emmanuel Macron has asked the mathematician and Fields Medal winner Cédric Villani to conduct extensive researches and the government’s strategy is largely based on his report entitled “AI for Humanity”. France has always been recognized internationally for its scientific excellence, AI and machine learning are not new topics for French researchers. Let’s wait and see.

#2 Prevent fake news!
An expression popularized during the American elections and often exploited for political or economic purposed, has already been munch in the news and do not seem to stop. Companies are obviously not immune to this. Last week Wellcom has taken part in a conference organized by French Public Relations network Syntec Conseil en Relations Publics in the framework of the PR Lab 2018 “Which antidote to fake news” to discuss the importance of trust and reputation.

The first panel discussion Reputation Trend featured speakers such as Arnaud Mercier (Institut Français de Presse), Audrey Herblin-Stoop (Twitter) and Grégoire Lemarchand (AFP) to discuss about fake news, their origin and impact.

The second panel discussion Reputation Power then brought together Maxime Drouet (Burson-Marsteller), Sylvain Cavalier (Youtuber) and other communications professionals who intended to answer the questions “what to do when affected by fake news?” and “how to prevent fake news?”.

Spring is back in Paris, our activity also flourishes in the right direction since the beginning of 2018, more news to discover in this spring edition of Wellnews international.

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25 year anniversary of l’Olympique de Marseille’s victory in Champions League

In March, Adidas has unveiled l’Olympique de Mareille’s “Collector 93” jersey in memory of its victory in the Champions League. The club has defeated AC Milan in the the final game in 1993.

At this special occasion, Wellcom has send this exceptional gift to sports journalists and influencers who are are also fan of l’OM, in a collector’s box in the colors of the brand and the club, together with the Cover of the victory newspaper back in 1993. We have managed to gather maximum visibility on the media launch day with especially TV coverage and social media exposure.

A great activation for Adidas!


The Data debate in 2018

Due to the European and national regulatory debates (personal data law, transposition of the NIS directive, and application of the RGPD), the topic of Data remains in the heart of the news feed in 2018, but with a certain confusion.

In order to shed light on this major topic, Syntech Numérique, the professional union of digital services companies has launched a series of debates called “The great debate of Data” to deliver better understanding on this industrial revolution. During this event, public decision-makers, elected officials, entrepreneurs and civil society will come together and get their opinions expressed. Ultimately, we hope to provide concrete insights allowing everyone to either grasp the subject or refine their understandings.



Motorala: Phone Life Balance on social media

motorolaHow’s your phone-life balance? This is the question that Motorola asks everyone. As a pioneer in the mobile evolution, the brand is at the heart of social debates and wants to defend a better vision and consumption of the smartphone, a 360° campaign combining event, social and advertisements. In France, Wellcom has created a digital campaign with a series of untypical assets with fun facts. This social media campaign has reached 4.9M people and generated 2,5M videos views in France.



meilleur taux

How French Ministers manage their financial patrimony?

Following the government members’ patrimony declarations, Meileurtaux.com, the website specialized in price comparison has conducted a special analysis for the national journal Le Parisien, And the results are surprising (or not) because our Ministers do not manage very well their financial savings… This study has made the front page of Le Parisien. A successful visibility campaign for Meilleurtaux!

meilleur taux