Wellcom @International
July 2018

In a nutshell


THE France victory: 20 years, 240 months, 7300 days, France is bringing home an electrifying World Cup victory, again, right after the National Bastille Day.
Les Champs-Elysées, now we name “Deschamps-Elysées”, is taken over by pride and joys.

Two sets of kicks, a free kick and a penalty, a rebound missile of Mbappé in the wake of a breakthrough by Hernandez. The four French goals at the final blend individual talent and collaborative know-how summarize the forces of this tricolor team, and the coronation of a conquering youth.

France 2018

THE Wellcom victory: At this historical moment, we are also delighted to announce a major client win here in France: Google is now officially a Wellcom client, we are going to help Google PR team manage its day to day work on B2B & B2C topics in France.

As one of its top priority countries, France hosts the Lab of Google Arts&Culture, a YouTube Space and an R&D centers. A victory thanks to our diversified and talented team!

The next 20 years will be more exciting, stay tuned.

Last but not least: on 17 – 19 October, Wellcom will have the honor of hosting the PROI EMEA meeting in Paris. See you soon victory network!

#Allezlesbleus #Allezlafrance #Allezwellcom

In the meantime wishing you all a wonderful summer !

Thierry Wellhoff