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January 2019

In a nutshell

What a year… and happy New Year!

Thierry Wellhoff2018 was an intense year. France won its 2Nd World Cup after 20 years, Les Champs-Elysées was taken over by pride and happiness…5 months later, in this exact same venue, the country was shadowed by divergence and invaded by a yellow ocean. Until this day, we cannot quite predict the destiny of the Yellow Vest movement, one thing for sure: a new trustworthy relation is to be established between the political power and the people – something spreading in Western countries.

In the just ended 2018,Wellcom has organized its first ever Discovery Challenge and designated its winning team among five duo. This internal competition asks participants to produce a video answering our brief “what communication to make Wellcom a love brand”.

Creativity, innovation, team spirit, and especially dedication… so many qualities we have seen in the teams, the winner has been chosen both by our internal jury and an international jury from PROI network, and they are offered to stay a week in a PROI agency at their choice.

Please join me in watching this highlight video.

We can only expect 2019 to be under the sign of peace, unity, renewal and of course meaning. The quest of meaning is at the heart of all reflections, as a company, an organization or a society as a whole.

Finding the mutual meaning and reason-being is the foundation of moving forward in the right direction, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a fantastic year full of meaning and success, for your business and family!

Thierry Wellhoff


Wellcom launched its first Observatoire sur le Sens®

6 out of 10 French people expect a brand to have meaning!

Last october, Wellcom unveiled its first Observatoire du Sens® carried out with the ViaVoice Institute. What is meaning for French people? What do they expect from a brand that has a meaning? What is a brand that has meaning? Why and how do you give meaning to a brand? All these questions are approached in this study in order to place the value of the meaning at the centre of people’s minds.  

A growing need for meaning…

The first essential, and relatively agreed upon, findings are: around 6 in 10 French people attach importance to the notion of meaning and this need could be increased for 58 %, compared to only 22 % for whom it could be neither more nor less important” and the 17 % for whom “less and less important”.

If some findings of the study are agreed upon within the public opinion, above all, we find a large differing of opinion concerning the notion of “meaning”. According to their perception of the notion of “meaning”, customers can be separated into 4 ‘families’:

  • The “committed” – the most convincing and active public (29%)
    whose priority is ethics
  • The “sceptical” public (26%)
    whose priority is customer experience
  • The “liberal” public (25%)
    whose priority is economic utility
  • The “rooted” public (20%)
    whose priority is the environment


The Observatoire du Sens® also revealed that the French public has different perceptions of meaning

If notions of purpose and values are determining factors in the perception of a brand, notions of connections with the expectations of the publics, especially in the social and environmental fields, are essential. Similarly, notions of the brand’s responsibility in their primary mission and of proximity contribute to the construction of meaning.

observatoire_sens For French people, meaning is centered on 4 essential values: family (49%), respect of people (42%), freedom (31%) and tolerance (30%). Words automatically used to qualify the need of a meaning show as well a much diversified use of the term, which is both related to a « goal » or to « objectives », to « values », to « work », to « society » or to the « family ». Verbs which are used are also have multiple meanings: « to give », but also « to know », « to live », « to be », « to smell » or « to be able to », that is to say dimensions at the same time aspirational and collective but also personal with a very concrete meaning.

  • Some of these priorities are more collective, in a relation to the “other” or more globally to society: to convey values and know-how (43 %), preserve the environment (28 %) or be useful within a collective (24 %).

Others, on the contrary, are more personal, or private: be useful to family and friends (43 %), be free and independent (34 %), self-accomplishment (33 %) or, simply, to improve one’s standard of living (26 %) and focus on well-being (25 %).


B&B HOTELS celebrates entrepreneurship

B & B HOTELS embodies a modern vision of hospitality and a unique business model based on entrepreneurship.

To tell the story of these entrepreneurs who embody the values of B & B HOTELS on a daily basis – innovation, audacity, commitment, proximity – Wellcom has designed a multi-channel campaign including a 12-episode web series and portraits that will feed the website of B & B HOTELS and its social networks.

Have a look at the campaign teaser!

KBS showcases at Usine Extraordinaire (Extraordinary factory)

Last November, at the Grand Palais, an emblematic Parisien venue created on the site of the Palais de l’industrie 120 years ago, industry professionals from all over the country united and conceived an immersive trip to the future factory.

On this occasion, Wellcom has staged two booths for our client KSB: hologram, interactive quiz, connecting robotics or a training session in VR!

Journalists, professionals and even Ministers have stopped by paying us visit…



Wellcom announced winner of its first Discovery Challenge

discovery_challengeLast December, after two month of hard work and preparation, the 5 teams competing in Discovery Challenge submitted their videos to our jury, composed of Wellcom management team and PROI members.

And the trophy goes to Keti Delprat and Jonathan Boulogne’s team!

The winner has chosen Imagem Corporative at Brazil where they will immerse themselves for a week. This unique operation is an opportunity for our young professionals to showcase their talents and for both agencies to share and enrich our collaboration.

Take a look at the winning video  !