The Key Points

Created in 1981, Wellcom, with just over 110 staff, is today the foremost independent Communications and Public Relations agency. Based on an exclusive approach called in senslation© that is centred around the interaction between the Image (by definition emotional) and Opinions, anchored in reason, the Agency has a clearly established remit: that of giving more meaning and drive to your communication.

Wellcom has organized all its teams into a single structure: at an initial level with strategic advisory services and support for transformations and further down the line, with five centres of complementary expertise, all positioned to function autonomously or in total synergy.

Strategic advisory services & transformation accompaniment

For 36 years, with the vocation of not only advising but in particular of contributing to providing the solution to your challenges and improving your performance through a strategic approach that is both robust, consistent and sustainable, our consultants and associates cover all aspects of communication advisory services.

Corporate or Global Communication Strategy, Structuring the Brand Discourse, the Values Approach, Public Relations, Media Relations, Digital Communication… Wellcom covers the full scope of the Communications sector, offering an advanced level of advice and support in line with your challenges.

  • Image and Opinion Audit (Internal and External)
  • Brand Platform (Origami System®)
  • Message Platform / Contents Strategy
  • Image + Opinions Communication Strategy
  • Management Process / Change Management Support (pilot and operational phases)
    In parallel with its expert knowledge in Change Management, Wellcom has been the instigator since 2002 of an innovative values approach based notably on the International Index of Corporate Values (4.000 companies / 12 countries / 5 case studies over the last 15 years) that has given rise to two reference works: Les Valeurs“(The Values) (Editions Eyrolles 2009) and “Les entreprises en 80 valeurs” (Companies in 80 Values)  (Editions Liaisons 2012). Several initiatives have been undertaken by Wellcom Communication Agency in the Values sector: Marketing Brand Values Index / Values and Politics / …
  • Manager and Team Training
    The training proposed by Wellcom Institute, unique in terms of the approach, in fact offers much more than just training: experience in strategic, experimental and inspiring communication.

    • Short training courses: a half-day to two days maximum, dedicated exclusively to senior staff: general management, heads of communication, marketing or human resources,
    • High-level training courses run by Communication experts and professionals. Courses after which each participant clearly apprehends the concepts and feels well equipped from a practical perspective.


Image Audit, Brand Platform, Branding and Visual Identity, Content Strategy, Off or On-line Advertising Campaigns, Operational Communication, Corporate Publishing, and Multimedia… INSPIRE offers a full range of expertise and services with a difference: the consistency of the company’s corporate messages and its Marketing activity.
The Wellcom Influential Strategies Centre offers the opportunity to open up new perspectives and possibilities for the achievement of your objectives. Our influential strategies and our public affairs approaches, based on a detailed analysis of environments as societal challenges and also on a transversal approach, are designed to place you one step ahead. Because an influential strategy is above all a type of communication that makes the difference, INFLUENCE offers you its smart approach to situations.
Public Relations, Events Creation, Media or Press Relations, On-line Relations, Influential Communication, Public Affairs, Sensitive Communication, E-Reputation Management, Reactive Watchdog, Community Management, Public-speaking Training and Media Training… CONVINCE: a top level public relations service that meets all of an organization’s media and opinion management needs. Wellcom is today recognized in this field as one of the foremost French Public Relations Agencies and the top independent agency.
Wellcom Consumer – Lifestyle Centre, LINK serves as a trends and ideas laboratory that translates into PR language the Marketing approach developed by brands. Serving influential strategies and return on investment specialists, optimized speeches and contents, customized creativity and on and off-line expertise tailored to the targets and challenges of each of our clients. A relationship builder, LINK helps companies and brands develop a unique relationship with their audiences.
The development of sites that use the most recent tried and tested technologies (Responsive design, UI and UX ergonomics), SEO and SMO referencing, programmatic campaigns, buzz marketing, Reactive Watchdog, Community Management… ACTIVATE exploits every opportunity for communication that the new media offer. In 1995, Wellcom was the first agency to invest in and develop expertise in the digital sector. This seniority led the company to create the first European newswire (Pressonline) and made it want to always be at the cutting edge of technological evolutions, while embracing digital solutions first and foremost as tools and resources to be exploited rather than as end purposes.

Exclusive methods

Our team of high-level consultants relies on integrated strategic planning and exclusive methods, some of which have won international awards:

  • Origami System®
    A new generation brand platform construction method that makes it possible upstream to perform the diagnosis and analysis of the strengths and weaknesses and downstream, to orchestrate the harmonious communication of the images and opinions portrayed. Origami enables a company and its brand to structure its fundamentals so that they are in line with the company’s global challenges, its mission and its values. Origami system® was rewarded as a top-notch international innovation by a Sabre Award®.
  • Values approach
    Based on numerous qualitative studies and the Index international des valeurs® (International Values Index) (Benchmark taking into account ten years of corporate values for over 4000 companies in 12 countries) we have been able to develop and formalize a specific approach for the construction, deployment and adoption of the values.
  • High-Touch®
    A specific method for the structuring of the communication set in place for the development of an on and off-line opinions strategy.
  • ADIR®
    Training method for spokespersons and communicators. (Wellcom Institute).

Wellcom plays a role in virtually every business sector with the same level of dedication whatever the sector and the size of the company (from 10 to 50.000 staff). Consult our active clients and our references per sector.