Wellcom, ad agency in France

As a multidisciplinary advertising agency since 1981, Wellcom designs and implements comprehensive communication plans based on companies' strategic goals.

For companies, the written word is a prerequisite to any concrete form of communication. With its expertise in corporate publicity and multisectorial marketing, Wellcom deciphers, analyses and defines companies' key messages, and produces the full range of editorial material required by its clients.

With an equal sense of creativity and spontaneity, Wellcom produces presentational documents and institutional brochures, along with a range of marketing material - leaflets, product sheets, technical specifications and discussion papers. It also designs and develops Internet sites, from A to Z.

A press relations agency

Wellcom is a press relations agency whose objective is to assist companies that want to promote their image, and put forward their message, by assisting them with their media contacts. More than just a press relations or public relations agency, it is a privileged partner for companies that are keen to enhance their visibility in the press, the audiovisual world and the new media.

Examples of corporate publication

As regards the design of magazines or progress reports, the development of graphic charts, visual identity or Internet sites, Wellcom's creative team has extensive experience, and a broad range of skills for responding to the specific needs of its clients.

Wellcom's marketing communication skills

The agency has a comprehensive skills set, and a proven track record in the design and rollout of publicity campaigns, the implementation of multimedia projects (internet, intranet, newsletters and emailing), publicity (progress reports, in-house newsletters, leaflets) and operational communication.

Wellnews, the blog: the latest news from the Wellcom communication agency and its clients

For the last 2 years, each month, the agency has been making its newsletter available, on its site and by email, with information about its clients, their sectors of activity and, in general, news about communication and the media.