Wellcom, French advertising agency

As an advertising agency, Wellcom, whose creative team has a design and development studio, works, in particular, in the fields of operational communication and marketing, but also print and multimedia publicity.

Print advertising, TV and radio commercials, billboards, TV and radio sponsorship, the Internet (banners, emailing, etc.). Once the concept has been found, Wellcom shapes it and makes it a reality, bringing it to life in different creative ways. Inventing and reinventing itself day after day, publicity aims at achieving a match between the image and the core activity. More than just a showcase, and more effective than a long speech, advertising channels desire and attracts the reader, the listener, the viewer and the cybernaut. It is the vehicle for a proposal, and delivers promises.

A presentation of Wellcom

As an independent advertising agency for more than 30 years, Wellcom studies, organises, mobilises and acts to construct an image and build success in advertising, press relations and public relations.

Our advertising campaigns

Some examples of advertising campaigns and studies of corporate communication carried out by the Wellcom communication agency: a general communication and press relations strategy for Banque Sanpaolo, the media treatment of various operations for AOL (Grand Prix des Relations Presse, 2003), the new identity of ACR Logistics, operational communication, a television campaign and press relations for Cotonflor. A strong concept, a hard-hitting approach, a precise plan… Wellcom makes publicity an effective instrument for communication in the service of a profile and an image.

Receive information

Wellcom can send you documentation, and/or our monthly newsletters, along with those of our clients and the major protagonists of media world.

Marketing communication

Wellcom offers a broad range of services that respond to our clients' needs in terms of marketing communication. With advertising signature campaigns, multimedia and advertising projects, and operational communication, our teams put their expertise to work for your ambitions, from the strategic definition to the design of an advertising campaign.


Communication is also a question of writing. Without words, ideas cannot exist. In their absence, there is no transmission. The creation of Internet sites, intranets and extranets, the preparation of leaflets, progress reports and corporate journals - Wellcom has all the skills and expertise required to meet our clients' communicational needs.