Wellcom, brand agency in France

Visual identity can convey values and activity, along with corporate ambitions. It can also be a part of corporate and brand strategies, and can boost performance.

As a communication agency, Wellcom creates visual identities for brands, with logos, graphic and visual charters, etc. Its design and development studio puts creative and graphic skills at the service of brand strategies.

Advertising campaigns

The creation of advertising campaigns, on-line and off-line media strategies. Wellcom has expertise in marketing consultancy and advertising signatures. More than just a showcase, and more effective than a long speech, advertising channels desire, creates dreams and activates behaviour.

Operational communication

A company must be able to count on a solid, targeted marketing strategy.

Relational marketing campaigns, marketing consulting, operations of stimulation, promotion, popularisation and eMarketing are the instruments used to develop brands. Wellcom designs and implements them, in the framework and furtherance of corporate objectives.

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