Wellcom, business communication agency in France

Companies are at the heart of Wellcom's approach. Which is why, beyond the normal relationship in which the agency is a supplier of services, it also acts as a key partner for each company in its client portfolio.

This approach stems from a clearly defined policy, taking into consideration not just the initial problematic formulated by a company, whether national or international, but also its overall goals. As a communication agency, Wellcom takes partial or total charge of a company's communication in all its different sectors of activity.

A presentation of Wellcom: a communication agency

As an independent communication consulting agency, Wellcom acts, creates and identifies values on the basis of a transversal approach that takes into account the totality of a company's target groups in order to provide a coherent, long-lasting form of corporate communication.

Our skill sets

With over 30 years of independent activity, Wellcom studies, mobilises and acts to construct a company's image, and to facilitate its success, in corporate communication across its different sectors of activity.

Key figures for the agency

The dates that have marked Wellcom's history since its creation.

Wellcom puts Wellcommunity® at the service of its target groups

The communication consulting agency Wellcom is launching Wellcommunity, a new type of organisation that is open to the agency's clients, its partners, and professionals of the communication and media worlds. It will be a place for the exchange and sharing of ideas, thus helping to break down the boundaries between companies' internal and external environments. The Wellcommunity communiqué (contd.)

The Index of Corporate Values

The third edition of the Index of Corporate Values, produced by the international Ecco network, of which Wellcom is a founder member, represents another dimension, and its broadest range yet. This demonstrates the physiognomy of values on the international level, and the specificity of the 11 countries studied. It was very well received by the press. Find out more about the Index of Corporate Values.