Wellcom, communication agency in France

The role of the Wellcom communication agency is to facilitate successful outcomes for its clients' projects. As a horizontally-structured organisation, it specialises in clear, legitimate, coherent, sustainable communication that can accentuate a corporate image or profile, beyond the range of conventional methods.

With an approach based on corporate values and synergy, the agency's 65 members guarantee personalised communication projects, in a spirit of total independence.

The facilitation of a company's projects begins with an overview of its activity and environment, so as to give an idea of its different possibilities, taking a genuinely inclusive approach, in other words going beyond the techniques of communication per se to include the interests of the different stakeholders.

As a corporate communication agency, Wellcom's strategy begins with a company's identity and mission, before proceeding to define the form its communication should take. The company's target groups are numerous, and so its communication must be consistent, whatever its possibilities of discourse and its requirements in terms of expression, whether one is talking about institutional communication, marketing communication, crisis communication or communication with shareholders. Companies are exposed to opinions - all and every opinion. And Wellcom, as a communication agency, with its specific expertise in press relations, public relations, corporate communication and marketing communication, supplies strategies for its clients in a way that will protect and reinforce their reputation.

Values and communication

With its approach to communication through values, Wellcom gives corporate discourse consistency on every level, in terms of identity and marketing. And a value system provides companies with the coherence they need for all their different types of communication. It brings together corporate communication and marketing communication, internal communication and external communication. Whether in terms of business consulting, public relations, marketing or publicity, the agency places values at the heart of its approach.

Our core skills

Based in Paris, the communication agency Wellcom studies, organises and acts. It constructs images and facilitates success in corporate communication, marketing, publicity, events, interactive communication (Internet), institutional communication, public and press relations.

Wellcom's blog

As a communication agency, Wellcom's web site includes an information blog. This multimedia tool provides news on current affairs with regard to the media and communication, in France and across the world. It also has interviews with major media personalities. There is a regularly-updated review of the latest news.

Ecco - an international network of communication agencies

The London-based international network Ecco, of which Wellcom is a founder member, brings together several communication agencies on the international level. Depending on the country, the agencies have between 15 and 150 employees. Ecco gives its clients the benefit of the power exercised by a multinational structure, combined with total flexibility, in that the member agencies are free to work together in any configuration of their choice.

Corporate communication: some examples

Among the case studies of corporate communication carried out by the Wellcom communication consulting agency: the new identity of ACR Logistics, the media treatment of numerous operations for AOL (Grand Prix des Relations Presse, 2003), a general communication and press relations strategy for Banque Sanpaolo, operational communication, a television and press relations campaign for Cotonflor, Transalliance, Laboratoires Lehning, Rougier, etc.