Wellcom, corporate communication in France

As a specialist in corporate communication, Wellcom has developed its expertise in the creation of institutional identity and advertising signatures. Thierry Wellhoff, its CEO, has published, among other works, 15 ans de signatures publicitaires.

As an agency of corporate communication, Wellcom participates in the construction of corporate brand images, i.e. the perception by companies' target groups of how they are seen and what they reflect. It ensures coherence between all the constituent elements of a brand image, namely its assets and value, both material and non-material.

The creation of brand identity: names, logos, graphic charters. With its expertise and experience, Wellcom, as a corporate communication agency, defines and implements its clients' positioning during the process of enterprise creation, change of identity or transfer of goodwill, via specific adaptation programmes.

Wellcom as a transversal communication agency

As a corporate communication agency, Wellcom puts companies at the heart of its approach. This is why, beyond its normal relationship as a supplier of services, it is a privileged partner for each of its clients.

Wellcom's skills set

Wellcom studies, organises, mobilises and acts to construct an image and facilitate success in communication on corporate matters, events, advertising and institutions, as well as press relations and public relations.

The Ecco network - an international presence

In 2000, with a number of European and American partners, Wellcom contributed to the formation of Ecco, a London-based international network of communication agencies that now spans the globe.

The Wellcom communication agency's clients

The agency offers comprehensive communication and press relations programmes for large groups, but also small and medium-sized businesses. Its clients operate in the areas of tourism, finance, the general public, the public sector and institutions, new technologies, industry and health.