Wellcom, creative agency in France

Communication consulting takes place prior to the determination of the problematics of corporate communication. Versatile, specialist teams deal with the different aspects of markets and client relations, and define the strategies and mechanisms to be activated.

As a communication consulting agency since 1981, Wellcom is actively involved all the way through from strategic consulting to the implementation of integrated communication plans based on its clients' requirements.

For Wellcom, an effective strategy can be put together only through attentiveness, comprehension, interaction and creativity. In a climate of ever fiercer competition, the important thing, for a company, is cooperation with its partners in phase with its own problematics, based on recognised expertise and real creative dynamism. In its strategic consulting activities, Wellcom's work on the coherence of discourse is based on the definition of corporate values.

Wellcom: a horizontally-structured communication agency

As an agency for consulting on communication, Wellcom systematically puts coherence at the heart of its strategy, starting with a precise analysis of its clients' needs.

Our corporate communication expertise

With its insistence on non-hierarchical structures, Wellcom studies, organises, mobilises and acts to construct an image, and to facilitate success, in all areas of corporate communication, marketing communication and institutional communication.

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