Wellcom, creative design agency in France

Visual communication can provide information, both visual and textual, for different groups. It draws together a number of graphic processes that can contribute to the coherence of corporate communication.

Logos, visual and graphic charters, on-line and off-line visual systems - with its integrated graphics studio, Wellcom creates, designs and implements different visual systems, in coherence with corporate brands, so as to bring a company's strategy into line with its visual communication.

Areas of expertise

As a Paris-based communication consulting agency, Wellcom studies, organises, mobilises and acts to construct an image and ensure success. As a communication agency, Wellcom is also involved in areas of corporate and institutional communication, marketing, advertising, events, interactive digital communication via the Internet and institutional communication, but also public and press relations.

Corporate communication: case studies

Some case studies in corporate and marketing communication carried out by Wellcom in its capacity as a communication consulting agency: the new identity of ACR Logistics, the media treatment of various operations for AOL (Grand Prix des Relations Presse, 2003); communication and press relations strategies for Banque Sanpaolo, iDTGV and Acadomia; operational communication, advertising campaigns and press relations for Cotonflor, Transalliance, Laboratoires Lehning, Securitas, Intersport, Scotch-Brite, INRA and APAVE.

Clients of Wellcom as a communication agency

The agency provides inclusive communication and press relations programmes for large groups, but also small and medium-sized businesses. It has clients in all the different areas: tourism, finance, consumer products, new technologies, industry and health, but also services for the public sector and institutions.