Wellcom, crisis communication agency in France

In a context where the central issues are constantly changing, the challenges faced by companies are multiple, and the need to deal with sensitive, critical situations is ever more pressing. Globalisation, information technology and the increasing vulnerability of the company's target groups all contribute to increasing risk. But sensitive situations are essentially characterised by crises of information and breakdowns of confidence, whereas communication tends to be more significant than crisis itself.

In order to anticipate crises, and to control and manage them once they have occurred, Wellcom puts its expertise at the service of its clients, with plans for targeted communication.

Risk analysis: the identification of technical risks, and their communicational expression, according to the target group.

Setting up a crisis cell: the identification of those best suited to managing a crisis.

Guidelines for the management and communication of crises: the definition of procedures to be carried out.

Media training: sensitisation to crisis procedures, and communication in critical situations.

Crisis simulations: training and practice for steering committees and teams that have to deal with crises.

Issue management: learning to anticipate the currents of opinion and rumours with which companies are constantly confronted.

Wellcom can mobilise teams of consultants and specialists who will advise and guide a crisis management team. It has experts in many different areas: lobbyists, trainers, nutritionists, doctors, etc. Apart from its consulting role, it can take care of logistics in crisis situations: publicity campaigns, free phone lines, press lists, mail shots, etc.

Wellcom's corporate communication skills

As a communication consulting agency, Wellcom is active in many sectors (B to B, B to C), and it assists its clients at every level of corporate communication: brand identity, visual identity, communication plans, crisis communication.

Media and press relations training

Media training focusses on the messages that need to be communicated during meetings with journalists, and the keys to successful communication. The involvement of colleagues in charge of external communication makes a significant contribution to success in putting across a message.

Wellcom's blog, Wellnews

As a communication agency, Wellcom's monthly Internet newsletter gives the main stories from the world of media and communication, including interviews with leading media personalities and other significant figures.