Wellcom, French digital agency

In contrast, or in synergy with the traditional media (press, radio, TV), the new media derive from technological progress and, more precisely, the digital revolution, whose twin pillars are the Internet and mobile telephony.

The Internet is a forum for interaction, discussion and cooperation. And so we need to understand how it contributes to forming opinion.

  • Consumers express themselves, airing and sharing views that are accessible to all. Information is not vertically transmitted, but interactive and collaborative.
  • A company's dealings with other significant actors is transformed, and in particular in its relationship to companies and brands.
  • Beyond the dissemination of information, the specificity of the Internet is to facilitate discussion.

Wellcom Interactiv: a total corporate marketing approach

The advent of new media has allowed consumers to acquire more power, notably thanks to group-based platforms and personal media. In fact, companies are now confronted with problematics of opinion and digital reputation that have become central to their strategy.

Customers are now more discriminating, and they sometimes react massively, and rapidly, to messages put out by brands. They expect such messages to represent proximity and connivance, novelty and entertainment, but also civic and ethical commitment.

Wellcom Interactiv, which is Wellcom's dedicated digital communication department, helps companies to design and deploy concepts of on-line and off-line communication that can generate a positive buzz.

Placing the individual at the centre of a marketing and communication approach, Wellcom Interactiv exploits the new media's multiple channels of communication. Word of mouth, personal recommendations and social networks are at the heart of this system, and they are also the basis of campaigns that judiciously combine the on-line and the off-line.

Wellcom Interactiv offers a coherent corporate and marketing vision based on 2 distinct programmes that can act together.

Net Influence

A programme that identifies and shares with opinion-makers a logic of institutional image and brand reputation.

Net Marketing

A programme that generates and maximises returns on investment in terms of communication, in the areas of brand image, market share and loyalty.