Wellcom, event marketing agency in France

Communication regularly involves events - to maximise the impact of a campaign, a service or a product, or to celebrate a key date in a company's life. The importance of an event resides in the fact that it is unique, distinctive, striking.

Highlighting a product launch, galvanising a team around a shared idea, a concept that goes beyond the corporate world as such - for Wellcom, event-based communication implies innovative, new, original ideas. However transient it may be, an event must resonate over time.

Wellcom develops the creation, quality and coherence of form and content of event-based corporate communication, both internal and external. It designs and implements all the different methods and actions related to event-based projects: fairs, forums, symposia, conferences, exhibitions, seminars, conventions.

Examples of events

The creation of events tailored to internal or external target groups. Events intended to enhance a media profile. Events intended for the purpose of motivation, stimulation - Wellcom has put on numerous events for its clients, among them a prestigious evening with 600 major clients for an IPO, the chartering of the Orient Express for a function on the anniversary of the client company's foundation, and a trip to Turkey for 120 co-workers.

Upcoming events for our clients, in our newsletter

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