Wellcom, institutional communication in France

Institutional communication is what generates corporate identity. Conscious of the potential evolution of their role in society, and the influence they can exert with regard to their different target groups, companies are becoming more and more keen to express themselves in their own name.

As a corporate communication agency, Wellcom participates in constructing the image of company brands, regarding their target groups' perception of how they are seen and what they reflect. Wellcom ensures coherence between all the constitutive elements of the brand image, including its assets and value, both material and non-material.

Starting out from this principle, all the media must be integrated into the mix of institutional communication (or corporate communication), and all the company's target groups must be kept on board. As regards external groups, it is necessary to anticipate the different problematics that may arise, notably in the sensitive area of crisis communication. And as for internal groups, the company must address all of its collaborators and employees, not just its managers and executives.

Institutional communication can also act as a binding force for employees, and a catalyst to corporate success.

Wellcom as a broad-spectrum communication agency

As an institutional communication consulting agency, Wellcom is involved in creating and developing values on the basis of a cross-cutting approach that takes into account all of a company's target groups, thus bringing coherence and durability to its corporate communication.

Our skills in institutional and crisis communication

As an independent agency for more than 30 years, Wellcom studies, organises, mobilises and acts to construct and ensure success in the areas of institutional, advertising, event-based, corporate and crisis communication.

The press release for the first International Values Index

A classification of values expressed by companies in France and across the world: their structure in terms of group, sector of activity and company size, in 12 countries. The communiqué on the first International Values Index is available in our press room.

Wellcom's clients

As an institutional communication consulting agency, Wellcom works with large groups, but also small and medium-sized companies in every sector of activity.

  • Agribusiness, retail distribution, commerce
  • Banking, finance and insurance
  • Capital goods
  • Hotels, tourism and leisure
  • Industry
  • Media, communication, publicity
  • New information and communication technologies
  • Health, hygiene and cosmetics
  • Corporate services
  • Services for individuals
  • Services for the public sector