Wellcom, interactive agency in France

A brand can differentiate itself from its competitors by proposing interactive digital content, to which it gives visibility through its presence on the Internet. By optimising the discussions it generates, it can stand out from the ambiant mass of information, thereby acquiring a strong digital identity, and all the advantages of new resources.

To increase the visibility of a brand, and traffic through a site, to promote an image, to stimulate connectivity, to boost sales, to enhance a reputation, Wellcom, as an interactive agency, can offer on-line strategies based on 5 interconnected forms of expertise that construct a digital brand ecosystem in a genuine relational logic:

  • Net Marketing®
  • Net Influence®
  • Net Social®
  • Net Identity®
  • Net Linking®

Thanks to Wellcom Network®, the agency's expertise in the interactive and relational fields is available in 8 regional centres around France: Strasbourg, Lille, Nantes, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Marseille, Montpellier and Lyon. The sharing of skills, joint programmes with national groups, distribution and state services, strong regional identities - Wellcom Network® offers companies an inclusive range of skills, notably in digital communication.


Today, the Internet and social networks are indispensable to companies that seek optimal visibility, whether nationally or internationally. Internet, intranet, extranet, on-line press rooms, emailing, newsletters, profiles on social networks and community management, multimedia presentations: Wellcom, as a marketing consulting agency, can deliver all the different services linked to the Internet, with its Wellcom Digital department, which has an integrated design and development studio.

Advertising campaigns

The design of advertising campaigns and media strategies, both on-line and off-line: Wellcom has proven skills in marketing consulting and advertising signatures. More than just a showcase, and more effective than a long speech, advertising implants ideas in people's minds, fuels desire and activates behaviour.

Operational communication

A company must be able to count on a solid, targeted marketing strategy. Relational marketing campaigns, along with marketing consulting and operations of stimulation, promotion and the creation of traffic and eMarketing interest, are essential to the promotion of brands. Wellcom operates in all these fields, and in the implementation of corporate strategies.

Broad-spectrum communication campaigns

The design of advertising campaigns, with media strategies, both on-line and off-line - Wellcom, as an agency for direct marketing consulting, is well placed in marketing consulting and advertising signatures. More than just a showcase, and more effective than a long speech, advertising creates dreams that seduce readers and listeners.