Wellcom, marketing agency in France

The Wellcom marketing agency, based in Paris, works with companies and brands to position themselves in their chosen markets, so as to enhance their profile and develop their performance.

This expertise is expressed in the implementation of strategies that are wholly turned towards specific frames of reference and pragmatic communicational concepts, combining coherence and sustainability. And in preliminary terms, there is genuine work on the brand and its market, aiming at defining its values, mission and contract.

Definition, targeting, creation, planning and implementation are the distinguishing features of Wellcom's approach.

  • Brand positioning
  • Products and services
  • Client segmentation
  • Marketing strategy and plan
  • Marketing mix
  • Digital interactive marketing communication strategy, operational marketing

Advertising campaigns

The design of advertising campaigns and media strategy, both on-line and off-line. Wellcom is particularly strong in the fields of marketing consultancy and advertising signatures. More than just a showcase, and more effective than a long speech, advertising fuels desire, creates dreams and activates behaviour patterns.


The Internet, and in particular the social media, are indispensable to giving companies the greatest possible visibility on the national and international levels. The Internet, intranets and extranets, on-line press rooms, emailing, newsletters, profiles on social networking sites and community management, multimedia presentations. Wellcom, as a marketing consulting agency, can deliver all the services linked to the Internet, working through Wellcom Digital, which has an integrated studio for design and development.


Communication is also a question of the written word, without which ideas cannot exist. In the absence of words, there is no transmission. The creation of leaflets, progress reports and corporate bulletins - Wellcom possesses the skills and expertise required by the different forms of marketing and institutional communication.

Operational communication

A company must be able to count on a solid, targeted marketing strategy. Relational marketing campaigns, marketing consultancy, stimulation and promotion operations, the creation of activity and loyalty eMarketing are among the methods used for brand promotion. Wellcom designs and delivers promotional campaigns in the pursuit of corporate objectives.


As a consulting agency, Wellcom's activity is based on a values approach that takes into account the objectives and target groups of a company's brand. Strategic and operational consulting, starting with a report on the company's image, positioning, brand creation and visual identity, institutional and marketing communication, transition communication and awareness communication.