Wellcom, marketing communications agency in France

Prior to the implementation of a communication plan, Wellcom, as a communication consulting agency, carries out an analysis of all the different target groups on both the strategic and the operational level, based on a study of a company's existing and/or potential values.

Wellcom's value approach is the cornerstone of its consulting activity. Unique in France, this goes farther than the utilisation of a company's profile and image, developing its reputation beyond the scope of communication alone.

The value approach builds coherence into corporate discourse, along with a capacity to unify all the different target groups around a well-defined transversal position. As a management instrument, values can allow a company to simplify its communication system, both internally and externally.

Wellcom as a communication agency

Wellcom is an independent Paris-based agency with over 30 years of experience. It studies, organises, mobilises and acts to construct a company's image and facilitate its success in advertising and consulting on communication: corporate, institutional, multimedia, interactive, marketing and event-based.

Key figures for the agency

Wellcom was created in 1981 with a view to being active on the level of strategic consulting and complex communication plans.

Over the years, the agency has heightened its profile and extended its areas of expertise. 1988 saw its first campaigns aimed at the general public, using TV, radio and posters. It was also at this time that the agency produced the first edition of its values approach.

The 1990s were marked by the rise of Wellcom to the rank of a referential national agency. And when it introduced an Internet dimension in 1995, it was a precursor in this respect. In 1998, it began developing its planning activity with an initial consultancy phase, following through to the operational level with 2 distinct departments, one of them focussing on press relations and events, the other on publicity and operational marketing. B to B and B to C clients can draw on all or part of the agency's expertise.

In 2000, Wellcom and a number of other international agencies founded the London-based Ecco international communication network.

As a broad-spectrum communication agency, Wellcom published the first index of values for France.

Wellcom has 60 employees, 15 of whom work in Wellcom Communication Marketing and 30 in Wellcom Public Relations.

The choice of Wellcom as a communication consultant

Wellcom's work as a communication consulting agency systematically puts companies at the heart of its approach. Apart from its role as an all-inclusive communication agency, it regards itself as a privileged partner for each of its clients.

Case studies in corporate communication

Corporate communication plans implemented by Wellcom as a communication consulting agency include the new identity of TAJ, and the accompanying inclusive communication plan. For Thales Secure Solutions, it carried out a brand study, set up an advertising, communicational, institutional and commercial plan, produced a number of Web and multimedia tools, and ran a press relations campaign. It has been Veka's partner for more than 20 years, with an ongoing communication plan aimed at the general public, press relations, the creation of a brand image and network, and numerous commercial instruments.