Wellcom, public relations marketing agency in France

Marketing consultancy is among the skills that Wellcom has developed in order to help companies position themselves in their market, and to achieve the kind of profile that will optimise their performance.

This expertise is expressed by the implementation of pragmatic strategies that are orientated towards particular themes and dedicated communication plans combining legitimacy, coherence and sustainability. Work is also carried out on brands, starting with the realities of the market, and a practical study that aims at defining the values it embodies.

Targeting, defining, creating, planning and implementing: these are the key words in Wellcom's methodology.

  • The elaboration of a marketing strategy, or plan
  • The definition of corporate positioning
  • The construction of a products & services platform
  • The organisation of accompanying services
  • The identification of client segmentation
  • The elaboration of a marketing mix
  • The definition of a communication strategy, in keeping with marketing considerations

Broad-spectrum communication campaigns

The creation of advertising campaigns, along with on-line and off-line media strategies. As a direct marketing consulting agency, Wellcom deploys its expertise in the areas of marketing consultancy and advertising signatures. More than just a showcase, and more effective than a long speech, advertising fuels desire and attracts the reader or listener.

Our expertise in digital communication

Heightening the profile of a brand, increasing the popularity of an Internet site, promoting an image or reinforcing a reputation - since 1995, Wellcom Digital has been developing on-line strategies.

Internet sites, intranets and extranets, on-line press rooms, emailing, newsletters, multimedia presentations

As a direct marketing consulting agency, Wellcom organises all the different services linked to the Internet via its digital department and its integrated studio.


Communication is also an affair of the written word, without which ideas cannot exist. In the absence of words, there is no transmission. The production of leaflets, progress reports and corporate journals - Wellcom possesses the skills and expertise required by the different forms of communication.

Wellcom as a consulting agency

Wellcom bases its consulting activity on a values approach that takes into account all the different target groups. It provides effective strategic consultancy for projects such as image assessments and positioning, colour cartography, brand creation and visual identity, comprehensive communication plans, transition communication and awareness communication.