Wellcom, PR agency in France

Public relations are a function of ongoing supervision, management and communication, which can be used by a private or public organisation to establish, maintain or promote a relationship of confidence based on mutual knowledge and comprehension of the organisation and its target groups, both internal and external, in the public interest.

As a public relations agency, Wellcom is characterised by close partnerships and interactivity with its clients, thanks to the expertise of its public relations consultants, whose campaigns hit all the targets: external and internal groups, shareholders, institutional actors and the media. The agency uses a range of communicational instruments that are intended to reinforce an image and create the kind of confidence and sympathy that can contribute to its development. Consulting services in terms of public relations come into all the different phases of communication: conferences, events, product launches, etc.

Identifying target groups, and determining the impact of a communication campaign intended for different groups so as to reap maximum benefit in terms of public perceptions, are indispensable to the success of a campaign.

Wellcom as a public relations agency

Since 1981, Wellcom has been operating as a public relations agency in response to its clients' media needs, both in terms of institutional and marketing communication.

It offers consultancy and services to companies that are concerned with improving their press relations and public relations, and developing their communication through contact with experienced professionals.

Influencing target groups

There are groups which are close to the company, and which, though neither clients nor employees, are involved, or potentially interested, in its development. Whatever its size and its skills, each company, each organisation is part of a network.

Working with client companies

A producing company addresses itself to a client company. Small or medium-sized companies, or international groups - the aim is to gain the adherence of a small but influential group.

At a given quality level, the image that reassures and expresses value is the one that prevails. It also determines the choice of a product or service.

Starting with an overall analysis, Wellcom designs communication plans, puts forward methods, initiates actions (conferences, events, product launches, etc.) and generates a productive dialogue between a company and its clients.

Working with the media

As intermediaries and opinion-formers, journalists have an undisputed audience. It is they who disseminate information, and, to a large extent, mould opinion. Wellcom puts together media relations programmes that generate, amplify and condition visibility.

In-depth, long-term initiatives within a media circle that brings together the significant journalists.

Experience combined with methods, and systematic surveillance, of editorial planning, notably expertise in relation to the different radio and TV media.

Wellcom also proposes media training sessions focussed on methods of structuring speeches and addressing the media.

Addressing the public

The general public and the major media: press relations orchestrated in a strategic way give unrivalled results.

The event that reinforces an image, the idea that launches a product, programmes of communication which, through the application of a rigorous, long-term approach, can change received ideas… Public relations, strategically managed, act like laser-powered microsurgery.

Providing opportunities and organising events are also among Wellcom's major fields of activity.