Wellcom, press relations agency in Paris

Press relations are among the essential instruments of public relations. They can be defined as the communicational techniques needed to develop a relationship of confidence, esteem and solidarity between a company, a brand and multiple target groups.

Since 1981, Wellcom, as a press relations agency, has been acting in response to its clients' media needs, on both the institutional and marketing levels, and in the press: national and regional daily papers, the specialist press and general magazines.

In the Ballester study, Wellcom obtained a client satisfaction score that was among the highest for the profession, with 92% of clients expressing themselves "satisfied" or "very satisfied". In 2003, the agency was awarded the Grand Prix des Relations Press (with AOL), and was identified as one of the 3 "agencies of the future". This performance was confirmed in 2006 by the Limelight study, which gave Wellcom its highest score in terms of client satisfaction.

As a member of Syntec RP, and a co-founder of Ecco, a London-based international network that is present in more than 40 countries, Wellcom is the most horizontally-structured of public relations agencies. Based in Paris, it takes charge of corporate press relations across France, with creativity and rapidity in its consulting activities, thanks to the know-how of its 40 press consultants.

Wellcom as a press relations agency

Wellcom offers a management service and a press relations consultancy that prepare corporate media campaigns. Its specialists in communication help them to manage press conferences and, in general, relations with the media. Specific consultancy is available for companies that want to improve their public relations, and their relations with the press.

Some examples of press relations programmes

Wellcom applies its skills in all the different fields of press relations - financial, institutional, commercial - and the management of press relations.

The Grand Prix des Relations Presse, 2003

Since 1993, the Grand Prix des Relations Presse has recognised the expertise of agencies, and of corporate and institutional communication departments. It highlights the importance of press relations, and contributes to their development. Wellcom acts in a linear mode, with a focus on performance and results in the different areas of press relations.

Wellcom's management team

At a time when every company is - or is becoming - a service company, its core capital is its members. More than that: each individual is, at his or her own level, a spokesperson for the company. Formative or festive, event-based or continuous, the structures that Wellcom creates liberate people's energy and contribute to their sense of commitment. There are no universal or ready-made solutions: the realities are as diverse as the solutions developed by the agency. Wellcom offers numerous services for communication management and press relations management.