Press relations in France

Press relations have become an indispensable, strategic instrument for every company that is concerned about its presence in the media, and the sustainable construction of its profile and reputation. Between companies and the media, press relations are the central element of any comprehensive communication strategy.

The aim of a company's press relations strategy is to acquire increased legitimacy from an independent external authority. The media play a role both as channels of information and as opinion-makers. Before undertaking any communication with the press, it is necessary to construct a discourse, a message, an image. A brand exists when the media give it a voice.

Press relations consultancy is a way to construct such a discourse and direct it towards the specialist media, utilising specific strategies:

  • consulting and press relations communication operations
  • the logistics of events: client seminars, in-house or client-partner encounters
  • assistance with the development of new activities: market studies, strategic perspectives, business plans
  • training sessions and individual coaching, in order to optimise corporate communication, with the structuring of messages and techniques of oral and behavioural communication.

Press relations

Wellcom's approach is embodied in institutional and commercial press relations campaigns. It is active in its clients' product launches and media operations, with annual or one-off partnerships. It develops communication within companies, for example in relation to shareholders. It puts on conferences and other events for the purpose of enhancing its clients' profiles. It offers courses in media training and expression that allow people to improve their press relations skills. In 2003, Wellcom won the Grand Prix des Relations Presse for its AOL anti-spam campaign, and has also received many other awards.

Wellcom's training programmes

Wellcom offers media training courses in press relations, with a concrete basis for reflection on the fundamentals: to identify the potential pitfalls, to share the main ideas and to manage media operations.

Wellcom also offers training programmes for press officers, focussing on journalists' expectations in terms of Internet-sourced information.

Our staff have a wealth of experience in communication and the Internet. Their expertise, attentiveness and professionalism are the basis of our training programmes.

Some examples of press relations programmes

Wellcom is active and effective, with institutional and commercial press relations programmes, product launches, events and patronage.

2003: Wellcom wins the Grand Prix des Relations Presse

Since 1993, the Grand Prix des Relations Presse has rewarded expertise, motivated teams in agencies and in corporate and institutional departments of communication, highlighted the value of press relations activities and contributed to corporate development.