PR courses in France

The role of a company's spokespeople is decisive. They embody the company and express its commitments. They must be able to clarify complex subjects, develop a vision of the market, provide facts and figures in support of the official position - and "tell a story".

Wellcom Knowledge®: the agency's training department

With more than 30 years of experience in relations with the public, Wellcom has in-depth knowledge of the media, both in the professional, non-specialist and audiovisual media. Wellcom Knowledge® designs and delivers customised training programmes, using teams of specialist consultants and media professionals. These programmes incorporate all the tools and techniques needed to fulfil the different objectives: the formulation of messages, oral expression and body language, roleplay, interpersonal communication and video sequences.

Information, training, accompaniment

It is vital to reach out to one's target groups, and to be persuasive. The success of relations with the different groups, and in particular the press, depends largely on the charisma and eloquence of a company's spokespeople. Wellcom's courses combine training in press relations with the operational techniques of conveying information to the media and other groups. They provide the skills needed to ensure optimal conditions for success.

Press relations training

A capable press service is indispensable, but the engagement of those in charge of external communication (managers, or colleagues in contact with the media, or who are responsible for the dissemination of information) can also make a considerable contribution to the success of a communication campaign. Wellcom has developed a module for developing skills in press relations, in particular:

  • examining the needs of the different media;
  • familiarisation with the mode of operation of journalists - their objectives, specificities and expectations;
  • analysing the impact of press relations;
  • structuring discourse, in relation to the different media;
  • developing skills in discussing issues with journalists.

Media training for spokespeople

Media training allows people, on the one hand, to establish and organise the messages that need to be conveyed to the press, and, on the other hand, to identify criteria for successful communication. Wellcom's training programmes optimise communicational acts. There are several objectives:

  • the acquisition of knowledge about the press and its mode of operation;
  • the structuring of discourse, and the identification of key messages;
  • the optimisation of interviews - oral expression, body language, stress management;
  • the development of techniques for replying to questions, while holding to a central line;
  • the anticipation, identification and avoidance of pitfalls;
  • ways of controlling interviews.

Among its training staff, Wellcom Knowledge® includes leading members of the audiovisual world and the principal media, depending on the problematics involved.

Expression in a time of crisis: awareness communication

Companies are constantly subject to evaluation. In a crisis, the risk of lost confidence, and negative opinion, can have serious consequences. This is why a company must always be attentive to its credibility and image, so as to retain the confidence and loyalty of its clients, employees, partners and shareholders. The management of such situations involves:

  • setting out different possible scenarios;
  • using communicational arguments and Q & A techniques;
  • responding to specific questions, while maintaining continuity of message;
  • anticipating and identifying traps;
  • formalising principles of action and control of communication.

All of Wellcom's training programmes are meticulously prepared, with overviews of expectations, briefings, and the supervision of trainers by the agency's experts. At the end of each programme, reports are given to the participants, with personalised recommendations.

Some testimonials from our clients

"We appreciated the quality and complementarity of the training staff, both Wellcom's own people and the journalists. There was a true relationship of proximity, and the programmes were personalised to reflect our specific needs. This highly pragmatic approach was genuinely centred on efficacy, in phase with 'reality', and we found it very satisfactory."

Catherine Hamon, head of institutional communication and press relations, 3M

"This training programme had several objectives: a reinforcement of our senior managers' knowledge about best practice in company-media relations, and an increase in coherence of their relations with journalists. The course lived up to its promise. It allowed us to formalise our key messages, and gave our managers a fresh new look at their work. It was a forum for dialogue and confidence, but also an opportunity to reinforce Unica's team spirit."

Valérie Laugier, marketing director for southern Europe, Unica