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Wellcom Institute covers the full range of Wellcom’s services in training and studies.


Unique in their approach, the Wellcom Institute training courses offer more than training. They provide training experience in Communication: strategic, experimental and inspiring.  

What better than a Communications agency to train corporate individuals on Communication?

Communications professions are undergoing profound changes.
These upheavals, albeit technological, social or financial, impose on professionals the obligation to acquire new expertise so as to adapt to this paradigm switch.

For the last 30 years Wellcom has built up true expertise in Communication and has accompanied numerous companies, not only by providing Communications advice, but also in terms of the transfer of competence with Wellcom Institute.

Wellcom Institute is over 20 training courses after which each participant has a clear grasp of the concepts and relevant practical experience.

Wellcom Institute provides:

  • Short training courses of half a day to one day maximum.
  • Specific training on Communication and its business sectors.
  • Training reserved for senior staff, communicators, marketing and HR managers.
  • Training run by Communications professionals or even by senior staff themselves.
  • High-level training.


Thierry Wellhoff

Thierry Wellhoff

  • CEO of Wellcom.
  • Founding member of the ECCO network.
  • Specialist in institutional communication.
  • Author of books on corporate values.
  • Chairman of Syntec Conseil en Relations Publics.
  • Author of 3 books: 15 ans de signatures publicitaires (Dunod – 1991), Les Valeurs : donner du sens, guider la communication, construire la réputation (Eyrolles – 2009 and 2010), L’entreprise en 80 valeurs avec Jean-François Claude(Liaisons – 2011).

Stéphanie Bastide

Stéphanie Bastide

  • Associate Director, Wellcom
  • In charge of strategic advisory services, development and client management.
  • Training course management since 2002

Jean-Baptiste de Bellescize

Jean-Baptiste de Bellescize

  • Senior Advisor, Wellcom
  • Over 30 years of professional experience
  • Responsible for strategic advisory services at Wellcom Institute


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